Zuckerberg Has Left-Leaning Snopes Deciding What Is “Fake News” And What You Should See On Facebook Now

Every week it seems Facebook has found a new way to censor conservatives while promoting the leftist ideals of its founder.

Last week I wrote on article that FB had taken the liberty in “unliking” my page for several of my followers….


This week’s scam? Facebook is screening posts and articles for “fake news” using the Left leaning Clinton sell out site Snopes….

This is a FB notification from a reader….

Oh ok. Snopes has decided that something it doesn’t like shouldn’t be on FB. Granted they never reprimand The Other 98% or Occupy Democrats for posting blatant false information and propaganda but let’s take a look at what it considers “fake news…”

Maybe it’s true, maybe it’s not….but it was supported by this…

For what it’s worth, I found and watched that video….and yes, it is a weird, off setting music video highlighting the issue of child sex trafficking and punishing those involved. So obviously it’s not….a super ludicrous theory that Avicii would speak out on the subject, but it doesn’t matter because Facebook doesn’t want you to see it anyway.

“Third party” my ass. I have personally called Snopes out on being purposefully misleading with their wording and logic before. During the election I saw answers I had previously looked up magically change to Hillary’s favor….my kingdom to have archived the originals.

Snopes has been garbage for awhile. Zuckerberg letting them decide what is fake and what isn’t proves how badly he wants Facebook to lean Left to his agenda…

What’ll it be next week…..