WTF is Net Neutrality, and Why is it so Important?

That was just to get your attention….

I kept getting asked about it, and I can’t report on anything without researching it so here it is….There’s a lot of deceiving misinformation out there about it, and apparently I’m supposed to just go along with it because I’m a conservative, but I’ll spare the boring long explanation and give you the gist of it.

You want net neutrality. Trust me.

Very rich and very powerful people tried to dissolve it without you noticing and that’s always…always a bad thing.

Because you totally trust large conglomerates to regulate themselves and not fuck you over to make a buck, don’t you?

If you like the way you can look up anything on the internet or if you like being able to post anything you want on the internet….then thank net neutrality.

For those crying about how this is somehow “socialism” and goes against a free market…I couldn’t say it better than this guy right here….


It does not mean “bigger government!” It keeps it the same guys! It just keeps the internet “neutral” it’s in the freaking name….

This is what they want to change it to….

Oh yea, you’re totally not going to get fucked by that deal at all….it’s almost as if people were saving too much money by getting rid of their cable and doing everything online and Comcast decided they needed a new cash cow and way to fuck over America…

Then of course there’s the agenda. You know what’ll happen if people have to pay to get their shit seen on the internet, right?

The liberal media tried controlling the mainstream media during the election, social media ruined that. Recently they’ve been heavily censoring Twitter and Facebook, and now they want to completely control what you see on the internet? Like, more than they’ve already been doing?

Twitter will be censoring accounts for hate speech (but not leftist hate of course) starting December 18, and not just on their platform but by also spying on what you do off of Twitter….I’m not kidding either, they said so themselves and you can google it….scary shit. I wrote a whole article about it, check it out below…

Twitter Will Be Now Censoring Your Account For Behavior On AND Off the Platform

Facebook censors my patriotic account all the time, that’s how American As Fuck got started, I wrote about that too…

WARNING: Facebook and Twitter are Actively Censoring Conservative Accounts

Look, rich people are always going to try to fuck you over, that’s nothing new, but we are fighting back, hence the upset….

So let me reiterate in case it’s still not clear….you want net neutrality! It is not “bigger government” it’s what we already have now. It’s not saying you can’t play baseball, it’s like saying “Hey, there are rules we all go by for playing on this field we all own.” Otherwise we’re all paying Ticketmaster to tell us what games we’re watching or getting to play in, and you’ll go broke watching the games they make you, while others work hard but are stuck on the bench…a cable company deciding what you see and charging you extra to visit the things they don’t is not a “free market!” It is the death of surfing online….

And time is running out!

Flood social media with your disdain, annoy your congressman via Twitter (it seems to be the only thing they care about) they are trying to kill our last possible free outlet in this crazy world… not ignore this, fight, complain, tweet, whatever you need to fucking do……or you may never see anything ever again less it be force fed to you by anti-American globalist like Soros.

The more you know…..

7 thoughts on “WTF is Net Neutrality, and Why is it so Important?”

  1. Y’know, I’d like this a whole lot more if you simply explained it all and skipped the whole partisan bickering. There’s enough of that $h!t going on. “Everything my party does is wonderful and brilliant and will save the world! Now, the OTHER party…they’re like Marvin Martian…they want to blow up the earth! Now, always remember, only MY political party can save the universe, so make sure you do exactly like I do and vote the way I do and give my political party a LOT of money because God is only on my side!”

    This could have been a great article to share among the non-political types (you know, the people who are sick of the bullshit finger pointing EVERY politician and political supporter engages in, and what turns people away from politics!) Why do people whine about poor voter turnout? THIS is why!

    I will give you credit, though, for at least having enough brains to understand what Net Neutrality means.

      1. In all fairness, though if I didn’t already know that, most people reading this would just assume that the Democrats are behind this push against net neutrality because of your reference to Soros. Soros is a huge backer of getting rid of net neutrality to the sum of some $18 million but the net neutrality laws were strengthened under Obama and are usually a Democratic love child so in a true twist of fate and at an almost Shakespearean level Soros and Trump are wanting the same thing and that has to alarm just about anyone with a lick of sense. All that being said and regardless of who’s behind it, you made some very good points and are well informed on the issue and it would behoove anyone who doesn’t understand the issue to read your article, but I have to agree with George on politics side of this.

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