Woman Sues Walmart Over Locking Up Ethnic Beauty Supplies

Lots of things get locked up or security tagged in retail stores….but one woman in California believes it must be solely because of “racism.”

I’ve personally had to grab a clerk myself more than once to pull something out of a case….usually razors, expensive face cream, batteries, spray paint, pretty much anything people or kids would commonly steal. Like most rational people, I assumed there was an algorithm of protecting products that were stolen the most…and that’s because there is.

But not this lady, and she’s got the biggest media whore of an attorney that should have lost her license over lying about evidence a long time ago. See previous article here about her and her corrupt attorney daughter…


Walmart’s statement confirms the products wouldn’t have been locked up, if they didn’t have a problem with theft in the first place…

You see, it cost money to put in custom plexiglass….and retailers wouldn’t do it for something unless there was already a persistent loss prevention issue.

And what are the other options, really?

Let them get stolen and have to raise the price to cover the cost of carrying it…which would likely lead to more theft of the product?

Not carry them at all? Then people would complain even more and blame “racism?”

Things that get stolen, get locked up. That applies to anything and everything, and only a racist would come to the short sited conclusion that these products are the “only” locked up in a Walmart because they went down one aisle…because they’re not.

Are locking up razors discriminatory against hairy people? They lock up booze too, and I haven’t taken that personally.

Walmart better not settle with this woman, it sets an awful precedent for ridiculousness.

5 thoughts on “Woman Sues Walmart Over Locking Up Ethnic Beauty Supplies”

  1. Many stores are locking up baby formula, alcohol, spam, laundry detergent, and birth control. My local Wal-Mart stores close down cosmetics and electronics at 10:00 pm. Do I like it? No! But I totally understand! Living in California under prop 47 allows the theft without punishment. People are walking out of stores with shopping carts loaded to the gills with no fear of prosecution.

  2. It would be nice if you stopped using the vocabulary of the enemy. Black people are no more ethnic than us; in fact they are less. Just say “darkie makeup”, the commies were going to call you a racist anyway.

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