Woman Charged in FaceBook Live Beating Gets Insulting Slap On the Wrist

In case you forgot, Brittany Covington is one of the four pieces of human garbage in Chicago that decided to kidnap, torture and stab, a mentally disabled teenager while screaming how much they hated white people and streamed the whole beating on Facebook live. They ripped his clothes off, made him drink from a toilet, and demanded they tell him that he “loves black people.”

Yup, these racist pieces of shit right here…

“His attackers laughed and shouted “f*ck Donald Trump” and “f*ck white people” as they kicked and punched him and cut into him with a knife.”

At first they weren’t even going to charge them with a hate crime, but after a wave of complaints and pressure via social media they did…..but what did it matter?

She got 4 years probation and 200 hours of community service…are you kidding me?!!!

This is why Chicago is a crime ridden cesspool….because even after someone commits a heinous crime toward a mentally ill man you turn your back on justice.

These lawless Democrat run cities will be the death of us, and unfortunately I might mean that literally.

2 thoughts on “Woman Charged in FaceBook Live Beating Gets Insulting Slap On the Wrist”

  1. Seems to me that if 3 of my white friends and I took a mentally disabled black man and tortured and abused and assaulted him in the same way these 4 did that we would get the same slap on the wrist…FKING NOT!! We would be fed to the lions, I have no doubt of that. And that’s what I don’t get, how is that right? Where’s the fairness? Or is this an example of anti-white privilege?
    I’m really fearing for this country and the direction these libtards are trying to take us…

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