Female, Foreign, and Freaky: How Is The Left Going To Spin the YouTube Shooting?

Female, foreign, vegan, animal rights activist, (and if you’ve seen the YouTube videos) bat shit crazy mentally ill YouTube HQ shooter Nasim Aghdam goes against everything the leftist media has been claiming is the problem with mass shooters.

For months, the rallying cry of divisive extreme leftists were that mass shootings were a white, christian, angry male problem…despite the fact that they simply aren’t.

Remember the guy that killed 3 women at a veterans home in California last month before turning the gun on himself? It was all over the news it seemed until his name…Albert Wong was released. Yea, probably not Irish.

Of course to stay with the false narrative you’d have to ignore Dorner, the Pulse night club shooter, the Tennessee church shooting, the San Bernardino shooters (especially because one was female) and well, you get the point.

It’s clearly the fault of “Trump’s America” and the NRA… (eye roll)

So I waited as the news played out on TV………unlike some people.

And low and behold, it went against every narrative the left’s been jamming down our throats this entire time….

My first thought was, “How is the Left going to spin this? There’s just no way….”

Oh, but they did…

Originally, they tried to blame it on a domestic disturbance….

…Despite absolutely no evidence for that theory and everything to the contrary …including the fact her parents said the motive was her anger toward the company right from the get go.

Then they tried to downplay her ethnic origin (she was born in Iran)

Here’s ABC7…

“From?” Why don’t they just paint her white at this point….

…..I spoke too soon.

So what did they do next?

Well, they decided that you’re all just a bunch of bigots for pointing it out….

Yea guys! Don’t you know all those factors only matter when we’re trying to push a leftist agenda?

Yes, that’s the exact same site…the hypocrisy of the Left is an old familiar hat.

What’s the other way they excused this away, you ask?

That no one was actually killed so it doesn’t matter, or better yet….that there would have been way more casualties if only she had an AR-15….

Um, yea, so there’s just one little problem with that theory….let the people that actually know something about guns comment next….

It’s true, they fire at the same rate…as fast as you can manually pull the trigger. Rifles are better for distance, but pistols are actually easier to conceal, more maneuverable in closer quarters, and are usually of a higher caliber.

If the YouTube shooter didn’t manage to mortally wound anyone (which you should be grateful for) it has more to do with the fact she was a weird, fragile, vegan with very little tactical prowess. As mentioned earlier, the Virginia tech shooter was able to shoot 32 people with a pistol.

But yea, there are those pesky facts again….always getting in the way of the agenda.

Let’s not talk about the fact that police were warned about her possibly seeking revenge on the company and found her sleeping in her car nearby and did NOTHING. That sound familiar? Lord knows if they had better surveillance on her the left would have accused them of racially profiling her and being islamophobic anyway…

But it’s ok, it’s totally the NRA’s fault and not because the woman was insane or anything. (It’s totally worth hunting down her crazy Borat-like videos by the way) Even her own brother claims she’s totally a nice person…normally, minus all the murdering rampage stuff.

Just “not today…” Yea, you think?

Then there’s this…

Empathy? They responded with empathy? Really MSN? Something tells me their first response sounded more like “Fuck, what the fucking fuck, shit, shit, shit, shit, fuuuuuuuck…..”

But I digress, it’s ok….The word’s getting out, and responsible, sensible citizens are fed up with the Left’s hypocrisy and bull shit…..

Remember what VICE said….

Um yea….

Whaaat? That’s not terrorist-y at all….stop being such a bigot guys!

Remember, every time you share my articles, a liberal cries into their soy vanilla latte……and we make America great again.