Why the Media Buried Charlottesville…and Wants You to Forget About It Too

It was the biggest news story at the time. “Nazis” were descending on Charlottesville, (well ok maybe it was like one guy with a Nazi flag but who’s counting, amirite?) Then OMG! A Nazi ran over a bunch of innocent Antifa people in the street that were just trying to peacefully protest while blocking traffic, and scaring the shit out of people with baseball bats and masks!

A flamethrower, that’s normal, right?

Oh no! That Nazi KILLED someone! Poor innocent girl! She was just trying to “fight the fasch!” She’s a saint! A hero! A true martyr!

You want to know why they only used that one single old pic of her? Here’s a side by side of an ACTUAL pic of her from that day…

First off, that lady was never hit by that car. She was not the one that went over the hood, that woman was in teal, and Heather Heyer was in black. Here’s Heather with her super healthy Newport ciggy’s and the different woman from that incident the same day.

Here’s Heather getting removed by stretcher, still in her black shirt.

That “young woman” was chain smoking and pushing 250 lbs on a 90 degree humid day. She died of a heart attack…not blunt force trauma….a heart attack. She was brought back, then died of a heart attack again. According to her own mother on NBC news. Here’s the video…oh wait.

Now, I’ve seen the news clip myself, but good luck trying to find it…You Tube has taken it down for…harassment and bullying? Oh ok, sure. No worries, I’m sure so can find it….

Oh, that’s weird. Hmmmm, let’s just say they don’t make it easy. Thank God I’m a persistent son of a bitch….here it is.

A heart attack, yup. It was said by her own mother, during a live TV broadcast and there wasn’t shit the news media could do about it. It’s also exactly at that moment the media hurriedly buried it. Now, I’m no conspiracy nut either, but I do recognize it when someone’s trying to manipulate a story to push an agenda. If you try to look up the cause of death, the only thing that’ll come up will refer to the original report from the scene that day, which was just the opinion of whoever showed up and filled it out, but of course the likes of Newsweek not only ran with it, but stood by it as truth months later….right before whipping up some other narrative to distract everyone. You’d need a subpoena to see the actual death certificate and you will not find it anywhere online, just referrals to that original report from the day of. The media is sketchy as hell about it too, like this….

Then, just a few paragraphs down it says this….

Huh? It’s still pending but the headline claims to know? And this is the first thing that comes up on google about it? I’m not kidding either, here’s the link


No…I’m not saying her loss of life is worth any less because she was severely out of shape…but it was not caused by a “Nazi” out for revenge. Fuck, I don’t even think that kid did it on purpose. He might not be a shining star himself but several videos have an Antifa thug slamming the back of his car with a bat right before it accelerates. Decide for yourselves right here, but it looks like to me that his foot slips on the gas immediately following the crack of the bat on the back of the car. Where’s that Antifa piece of shit? Why isn’t he being charged with inciting a riot and manslaughter?

Also…what the fuck happened to this driver? Nothing. No news? No statement? It’s almost as if the media is burying the fact he may not have done it on purpose or something? Cause you know, they’d never do something like that….

12 thoughts on “Why the Media Buried Charlottesville…and Wants You to Forget About It Too”

  1. Well, I think I found my new media site. Thanks for clearing this up, because until I was looking through your articles, even I had forgotten about it.

  2. 1) When someone dies from a drug overdose, we say the cause of death was the drug–but really, it was that they stopped breathing, or had a heart attack, etc. When someone is shot with a gun, we don’t say the cause of death was that they bled out, we say that they were shot. Heather had a heart attack, and what we have to ask is why. She had a heart attack because she was involved in an attack. Now, we could blame her for being overweight, but many Americans (most of your readers) are probably overweight. If they die of cancer or heart disease, we say they died of those conditions, not because they had an unhealthy lifestyle. We don’t blame the person–why? Because that’s the wrong way of seeing things. So, maybe if she was healthier, her heart attack wouldn’t have killed her. She was a young person, and young people don’t otherwise have heart attacks, even when they’re overweight. It was the attack that caused her to go into cardiac arrest.

    2) Many people were not directly hit by the car, but when the car plowed through, many people were shoved or toppled by others. We still blame the driver for those injuries. Heather may not have been hit by the car directly, but we can still say she was injured by the car plowing through the crowd. And if you look at how the media reported this, that is what they said. It’s not a cover up. For as much as I also dislike CNN, this was not an inaccurate thing to say.

    3) The word ’cause’ is not simply defined. In science and the philosophy of science, there is not a clear answer as to what a cause is, what causation is. So for you to say that it’s black and white that x caused y, is to overlook a really complicated issue. If the car had hit person X, and person X fell into person Y, and person Y fell and hit their head on the curb and died from the concussion, would you say there is a media cover up because the media said that the person was killed by the driver?

    4) Also, you provided no evidence of actual media headlines that claimed she was hit by the car directly. You should probably site those sources that said she was hit by the car and not simply that she was killed by the driver (which as discussed above, is an accurate way to describe the events). Otherwise, your argument is simply a strawman.

    5) The paramedics that were immediately there to assist and other witnesses in the crowd would all have to be lying if there was a media cover up. Most paramedics I know are ex-army, are not liberals, and would not go along with a cover up story. The fact that the paramedics did not speak up and against why this woman died (if she was say fifty feet away from the incident and dropped dead) is telling. No, we know from many eyewitness accounts and video that she was right there in the line of impact–so even if the car didn’t touch her body, she as well as many others were seriously injured by the shove and swell of bodies.

    6) You question why the media didn’t use alternative pictures of Heather. Think about this, who is the first person they are going to ask for pictures? The family. The pictures we saw are pictures obtained from the family and perhaps social media. That makes sense. Also, what was the source of the less flattering photos of her that were taken that day? The source of those photos may not have provided the media with those photos the first few days after the incident. They may not have yet been public. No one was trying to hide anything. When someone dies, you put up a picture of them smiling, not one of their dead body on a stretcher.

    1. Everyone assumes she was hit directly, the fact the media omitted it to push an agenda is immoral, I just don’t like being misled. I’m not saying there was a cover up, I’m saying they dropped it and refused to further report on it….which still isn’t any better…

    2. oh my god. please. Quit saying we. You don’t know what the fuck I say. I say she’s fat out in the heat, I live in Virginia mind you, and her she had already riled herself up by being with these antifa idiots. The best question is, why haven’t we heard more about it? Ask yourself this before you go making these long rambling, we, statements. Because I have a feeling you and I have very little in common. I don’t think this boy’s actions had anything to do with her dying. If it did, that’s all you would hear about. His car didn’t touch her. Was what went on in Charlottesville that day right? Of course not. But please quit saying how everyone feels and what everyone does. You’re making the same mistake every liberal does. You are conflating with what is in your mind with what is in everyone else’s mind. That’s not the way it works. I do hope you have a good day. I do hope you see the truth of this.

  3. For those who like to dig deep, look up the name Jason Kessler. Kessler, the guy who was the leader of the white supremacist march. Oh wait, he was (still is) being paid by Soros? He’s in the league with antifa? YES. It seems this boy likes to wear whatever shirt fits an agenda to start a riot and controversy. The same Jason Kessler who belonged to Occupy Wallstreet. A true left winger.

    Research is your friend.

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