Why the Left Doesn’t Realize it’s Own Hypocrisy…

To be clear here, I’m not talking about your run-of-the-mill classic liberal. You know…your hippie friend out in Portland or that guy you always debate politics at work. I’m talking about your buddy of 15 years that you had to unfriend on Facebook for calling your girlfriend a fucking whore for voting for “sexist” Trump…..that guy.

As commonplace as it’s become, it still blows my mind every time. Do they really have no idea how blindingly hypocritical they’re being? Do they even know what the definitions to these words they’re misusing mean?

Running a conservative blog and spending more time on social media than most people should…I’ve dealt with the worst the left has to offer….

…and there’s a few things in my experience that might help explain this blind hypocrisy phenomenon.

The first is “condescending racism.” Ever hear the expression “The soft bigotry of low expectations….” before? It refers to the “minorities aren’t as capable so I need to lower the bar for them and speak up for them” attitude that’s rampant in white guilt ridden liberals. These are the same people that think enforcing voter ID laws is “racist” because minorities just aren’t smart or capable enough to get one in their own.

Think I’m kidding? Check out this Ami Horowitz video of some well meaning college liberals on the topic…

This is just one example of course, condescending racism is hidden everywhere in our society and by nature is unintentional and done by people that in their head mean well….but it’s still quite insulting nonetheless.

The second and more blatant form of hypocrisy is what I call “justified racism.” It’s when the left feels like it’s “ok” to be racist if it’s directed at the enemy (a conservative) or directed from one minority to another (that doesn’t make it any better, sorry.)

In an article I wrote earlier this week, I pointed out the blindingly blatant racism directed at an African American US Senator by the 7 million strong leftist page that is Occupy Democrats…..(full article in link)


Here are some of the wonderful comments from Occupy Democrat followers….

What these self proclaimed Democrats and liberals publicly posted about this man is inexcusably racist…and what’s worse is that they seem to get a pass for it. Sorry, but racism toward someone because they’re a republican, or from one minority to another or toward a non-minority doesn’t suddenly make it “ok.” It’s still skin based hate.

It’s no better then when feminists resort to slut shaming other women on their looks just because they disagree with them…

…calling the right hypocritical while being hypocritical, bonus points there.

You’ll soon realize that this false sense of justified hate extends irrationally to all levels of bigotry….

and stupidity…

Then there’s just pure blatant hypocrisy because it serves your purpose…

So is that it? Are they just fighting perceived intolerance with actual intolerance in their heads? Much like how Antifa fights imaginary fascism by actually being fascists themselves?

Yes….but that only explains why they do it and not why they’re like that in the first place. After all, most people make some kind of sense…..why are these loud urban elitists so full of falsely justified rage?

Remember that bully in school that picked on everyone, but it turned out that he was the one that was actually the hated himself and was the most insecure of all? Yea, it’s exactly like that.

Think about what you see in the worst of these hypocritical social justice warriors….what do you notice? Dissatisfied millennial, tries too hard to be special, just spent 4 years being indoctrinated by liberal professors earning useless college degrees that are only useful if they themselves became liberal professors, a high sense of self entitlement while actually having a low value to the existing work force, anger at the success and capitalism of the generations before them, and of course…odd fashion trends seemingly designed to make individual look less attractive in lieu of being “different” (which makes them not that different from each other at all.)

So yea, they’re going to call you racist for no reason at all, because it covers up their own racist thoughts and makes them feel better about this white guilt void they’re taught to have….

And yea, they’re going to call you a bigot, because it’s a distraction them from their own intolerant, inexcusable behavior, hate riddled actions that they think is ok because they’re wrongly convinced anyone right of center is a “Nazi.”

And yes, they’ll call you sexist or privileged, because it’s easier to blame someone else then admit they just don’t have what it takes to succeed and don’t want to put in the work to make up for it themselves.

And they’ll surround themselves in an echo chamber of similar self loathing hypocrites too, because that’s the only way the facade can stay alive. They build this mound of false moral supremacy from which they sit high and bark at others for all the things they really hate about themselves and any challenge there of is wholly unacceptable…it’ll be followed by unrelenting and irrational anger.

So how should rational human beings deal with these people?

Honestly, just ignore them, write them off, unfollow them, block them, whatever….because they feed off attention. Putting other people down and pretending to be offended on the behalf of other people is the only thing that validates “what a great person” they are in their heads. No matter what you say, they will run back to their coven to decree how they once again stood up to “the man!” no matter how badly they lost an argument or behaved doing it.

They will perpetually try to out-compete and out-virtue signal each other into oblivion. When everyone else has given up and ignored them, they will continue to fracture as they bicker amongst themselves as they find things to be offended about with each other.

They can either grow up or self destruct…

3 thoughts on “Why the Left Doesn’t Realize it’s Own Hypocrisy…”

  1. Thanks to Kellyanne Conway, Nikki Haley and Sarah Sanders, the resurgence of femininity is first like a mother bear protecting her cubs with all the guile and viciousness she can muster in the face of the danger we’re facing from a Soros inspired, Democrat coveted one world government, likely under Sharia law.

    Feminists have a penchant for eating their cubs in any way possible – abortion, contraception, abandonment, entrusting their children to the state and its multiple gender pseudo-sensitivity and indoctrination to globalist agendas.

    They hate anyone like Kellyanne, Nikki and Sarah trying to teach them common sense. Brains, beauty and pure political savagery is a very marketable package. The Dems would be eating their clits over a ticket like that.

  2. I live in Portland, yet I am a registered Constitutional Party conservative. My approach is speak to things that are visible in society, one on one , alone away from their supporting cast members. Appeal to the reality that is obvious and can not be ignored (say homelessness, destruction of buildings they liked, or venues), and never bring up your beliefs and politics. I have known hardcore liberals that saw the light when certain of their sacred things were destroyed by other leftists.

  3. We stumbled over here coming from a different website and thought I may as well check things out. I like what I see so i am just following you. Look forward to finding out about your web page repeatedly.

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