Why Splitting Up California is Actually Bad for Conservatives

There’s been talk about it for awhile….but once again the push is on to split California up into 3 smaller states….but fellow conservatives, don’t cheer yet.

Notice anything suspicious about the way they’re suggesting we break it up?

Here, this will help….

Ooooh, so instead of actually dividing the state so that conservatives will finally have a voice over the insanity of self destructive, entitled Democrats that are sinking this state….what’ll actually happen is that they’ve gerrymandered it to create 3 blue states, which would actually increase their power and influence in the House and Senate.

Between the illegal votes that’ll only increase and sway everything not painted bright red, plus the recent mass exodus of anyone sensible that left….conservatives wouldn’t stand a chance. The democrats in power will make sure of that….the continuation of sanctuary cities, lack of border patrol, and weak criminal justice system will enable them to sink the state even further than they already have….

On a side note, how the hell is Jerry Brown still governor? Do all but even the most hardcore of lefties still support him?