What’s It Like Being a Conservative Actor in Liberal Hollywood?

I’m often asked if it’s hard being a conservative actor in what is a super liberal town and industry…and to be honest I’ve learned to just shut up on set and ignore the nasty intolerant posts on FB by my peers most of the time….but not all of the time

(That’s Aries Spears from MAD TV, by the way…..complaining to me about Trump disrespecting women and then literally telling a guy he’s going to jack off into his wife’s mouth the same day. Nice.)

But I also don’t hide who I am or what I believe in either, and I’m pretty sure people can tell…

So the question is…am I ever punished or blacklisted for it?

Probably sometimes…but a skim through my IMDb will clearly reveal I’m honestly not even close to being part of the nepotistic world of big budget studio films, where they use the same 10 actors in everything and every film is a reboot, sequel or Marvel film because their business model is failing (but that’s another story.)

I do independent films, a shit ton.

The last venue for making creative content without getting jacked off on by Weinstein.

And for all the different projects and genres…

…it’s my patriotic and political fan base that’s the most supportive and gung-ho about what I do. I’m sure certain directors have passed me up because they were butt hurt about a post, or two, or three…

…but then they’d miss out on the free promotion of their project to the other half of America, you know…people that aren’t offended over everything, stand for the anthem, and love our flag and troops…

People will not watch a movie because a liberal actor decided to be a douche (ask Jennifer Lawrence how her last film did when she told Trump supporters not to watch it) and they’ll go out of their way to support someone they just like, or a patriotic fuck you Hollywood veteran film, like Range 15 (shameless plug, watch it)

Also, you’d be surprised how many secretly conservative celebrities and directors I get the secret “I like your page” wink from on the down low, or how many liberal people in the business can accept someone with different viewpoints without being a dick about it…..like it really should be.

And it’s not just me, check out this comparison of vocal conservative actors vs. vocal liberal actors and you tell me how the American public feels….(the lower the number, the better…it rates on how many people are checking out your profile or projects you’re attached to)

I’m nobody….but I’m still more popular this week than four of the loudest liberals that I can think of and they have way better credits than me…and apparently being conservative hasn’t hurt the actors that are even higher rated than me either.

It’s almost as if people are sick of hearing rich, entitled, spoiled celebrities that live in a bubble telling them how to live their lives or something…

The studio model is failing, Hollywood’s a giant dumpster fire of sex scandals and coverups, and people are sick of hypocritical self serving asswipes like Matt Damon who have no problem making money using guns, then complaining about how everyone else doesn’t need them, or Meryl Streep who’d praise a child rapist because the guy’s “talented”….the people have spoken….and they want to make Hollywood great again!

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