What the Hell is Up With Obama’s Weird Smithsonian Painting?

Although past presidents have had well, presidential portraits done….

Obama decided to have artist Kehinde Wiley paint his portrait and it turned out, well…..

I mean, I don’t know if I’ve ever even been that high….holy shit.

But almost as if he took the challenge on “How can I continue to racially divide this country even after I’m out of office” Obama decided to go with an artist that’s at least twice painted portraits of black women decapitating white women in what he calls a “play on the kill whitey thing.”

Nice. It’s so artistic too the way he basically just copies his original painting for the second one as well.

But don’t worry, he also likes to glorify gang violence too….

….and it’s always under the guise of pretending to be a historical figure or saint. Sorry, but St. Michael has nothing to do with a gang banger decapitating a rival.

And he’s fucking crazy about flowers, no matter how awkward and out of place. In fact, ripping off classical paintings and adding flowers is pretty much all he does….

Totally fierce, bro…

Is that…..Michael Jackson?

But of course it is. Hopefully he stays far away from those naked cherubs….

Here he is on CNN, because they hate America anyway….

There are so many talented artists in America….that there is absolutely no reason to pick Mr. Kill Whitey himself unless you wanted to continue promoting racial discord in this country, and for that I say “Fuck you, Obama. Right in the Pussy.”

UPDATE: Apparently the artist also fucked up and gave him 6 fingers, and is also known for putting images of sperm somewhere in the image because…..fucking class, yo.

Winning comments of the day…

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2 thoughts on “What the Hell is Up With Obama’s Weird Smithsonian Painting?”

  1. Choosing that artist is beyond repulsive. Of course ovommitt is still trying to divide the country. Even odds his gravestone will be a pink marble dildo.

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