#VerifiedHate is Exposing Rampant Anti-White Racism on Twitter By Verified Account Users

There’s a new movement called #VerifiedHate where anti-white comments made by verified leftist accounts are being exposed…and it’s deeper and worse than you could ever imagine.

Blue Check Watch has been compiling a variety of leftist racism on Twitter, many made by journalists from already heavily biased leftist propaganda rags like Vice, The Daily Beast, CNN, and The New Yorker….

Although to be fair, Buzzfeed took the cake in it’s self loathing anti-white rhetoric….

How “woke” of them…..because nothing fights perceived intolerance better than actual intolerance.

Whether they were “famous” or just somehow deemed relevant enough by Twitter to be worthy of the infamous blue check mark, there was no shortage of the left’s well known brand of leftie “love and tolerance.” It wasn’t just the typical jumping on the “Hate Whitey Train” either, many called for genocide and acts of violence against whites…..something that would never fly the other way.

Explain to me why anyone of these people still have a Twitter account, never mind a blue check mark….

There’s too many to post, honestly. Over 900 verified accounts have been exposed through the #VerifiedHate movement. Here’s even more if your eyes are good….

Now….what do you think Twitter is doing about all this? They actually suspended the account that was exposing these liberal hypocrites. I shit you not….

What I find even more interesting, is that when I personally look for the account it comes up as “blocked….” even though I was in friendly communication with them the whole time I was writing this article.

So there it is. Pure, blatant, proven bias by Twitter. An account with over 28k followers gets blacklisted for exposing leftist racism. How many more conservatives need to be unfairly banned by the platform already while racist liberals get a pass? Time to tell @Jack what you think about #VerifiedHate

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~Mindy Robinson


Twitter @iheartmindy