4 thoughts on “Twitter is Now Censoring Your Account For Behavior On AND Off the Platform”

  1. Who owns the internet? EU? SAUDIS’, DEEPSTATE? This is how I see it: the so-called leaders of the world, rich fucking scumbags, have had the wool pulled over their eyes; ALL OF THEM! The muslims have promised them all great fortunes if they submit their countries and people to islam. Wait!!! That’s bullshit, you say? Then why are western countries being invade, and yes they are. What these leaders lack is common sense, they believe their way of life, rich friends, family members will be forever supported my their muslim “friends” if they give in. It is written in the fucking koran to invade in great numbers, breed out the populations, force shria onto them, yeah, we get it. What the leaders don’t know, or maybe they do and don’t think it will happen, is once islam has taken over ALL infidels will submit to islam, which is not a fucking religion but a way of law and control. Yes Mr. and Mrs. leaders’ of the western countries you too, will be slaves!!! Fuck you clinton, osucka, merkle, putin, that french bastard, and oh yea, the brit. The “leaders” of america, you know the dems and rhinos, think there is a silver lining, white light at the end of the vagina, type of freedom when they have totally destroy our country, making us all poor, (feudal), giving us over to the mussies. It will take time, but it will happen, IF…… I’ll get to that later, but for now, know that our free speech is going, foreign troops are poised to intervene because osucka gave nato and the eu the green light (research it), our leaders are going after our guns (just look at Australia, Britton, and other countries with a no gun law). WHY is this happening, GREED muthafuckers, GREED! I just wrote this using my phone, which is a bitch. I apologize for grammatical and spelling errors. I will write again to answer the big IF. America people first, always!!!

  2. You’re absolutely right in using a website you control as the backbone of your public contact. Even people with personal blogs need to realize that the only way you control the site is to own it. The domain name, the hosting, and the RSS feed.

    People who built their presence on FB, Instagram, or Twitter, only to have it blotted out because they didn’t bow deeply enough to the site owners serve as negative examples.

    Leftists who control websites are tolerant only of opinions they tolerate.

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