Trolling the Left Episode 3: The Ad Hominem Attack

Ah, The Other 98%…..a leftist propaganda site that just might actually be worse than Occupy Democrats…..

So it begins….

Sigh…..ok. Even though I know they’re going to be too lazy to bother scrolling through the comments and keep asking for the same thing….

You know even though I specifically call them out that they’re just going to scream “racist” and devolve into ad hominem attacks instead of debating….that they still won’t be able to resist. It’s all they know….


He could “debunk” every fact I just stated…or he could just call me stupid. Oh, ok.

One admits that Obama did all those things wrong than deflects to Trump, the second person wants me to provide proof like they have no idea about anything I just listed.

I know John, but these people only know about things they see on liberal Facebook sites….

Was waiting for that one.

Oh, it’s at this point they become too lazy to scroll up and read what I already laid out….

Every time.

Oh? I’ve never experienced what it’s like to be talked down to and judged based solely on my physical appearance?

Yea. I have no idea.

Oh….and then there are the complete dumbass comments….

He seems normal.

Wait……enjoy rape, what?!!!!!

I’m…… “stuipid?” You literally misspelled “stupid?”

Couldn’t have said that better.

Oh for fuck’s sake…..I give up. code: FindMindy

1 thought on “Trolling the Left Episode 3: The Ad Hominem Attack”

  1. I love that you know how to take it from these dorks. I’d try to ‘help’ although, learned how to shut my mouth and let a master do their work. =D

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