Trolling the Left Episode 1: The Beginner’s Guide

You can live your life getting mad at stupid shit you see online….or you can have some fun with it. So let’s start…

Step 1: You’re going to have to visit one of those crappy, overly biased pages like Occupy Democrats, or The 98%……try not to look at how many other people or your friends actually like the page…because it’ll be very disappointing.

Step 2: Pick a post, it doesn’t matter which one, as they get offended by pretty much anything.

Step 3: Make a joke. Doesn’t matter what it is, they are incapable of humor and won’t get it.

Step 3: Sit back and wait.

(For the record, I actually like Canada, but these are super liberals we’re talking about and they’re probably jerking off to pictures of that cry baby terrorist sympathizing douche Trudeau every night.

I also know that they’re taxed on a bracket system where some are taxed to death and lower income families pay very little…this really opens it up for every dipshit to declare what they pay in taxes and assume that’s what everyone pays, because understanding anything outside of their own immediate experience or needs is literally impossible for them.)

Don’t worry though, they’ll take the bait…just check back in a few and wait for the intolerance and blind hate to flow through them.

Ah, there it is…

Yea, on stupid shit like border security, or industry tax breaks that are already trickling down to the working class…..dumb bimbo!

That golden showers story was proved fake over a year ago, what rock at Berkeley does this guy live under?

Ah yes, everyone who disagrees with them is a Russian robot now….”bot” is the new “Nazi” even though I’m commenting from a verified Facebook account.

The “left alt-right?” What the fuck is that?

BONUS ROUND: Anyone that complains about my intelligence but can’t spell….

You “suceaded” at misspelling succeeded, so congratulations there…

I have stripes, or you can’t spell stripper?

You might want to educate yourself on how commas work in a sentence…


Step 4: Now that we’ve successfully revealed their intolerance and hypocrisy, it’s time to get some conservatives to comment by posting a direct link to the post on your page or a favorite political group. Because as awful as the Left is at memes and trolling….right wingers are the absolute online gods of shit posting.

This is also the perfect time to point out any misinformation they posted, since people outside their echo chamber will actually get it now…

Oh? Let’s figure out the difference once you factor in the current currency exchange…

Nope, we make more.

There’s always that one guy that’s late to the party or too lazy to scroll up to read comments too….

That’s pretty much it. The best part is that they’re so hysterically sensitive that you just ruined their whole fucking day while just trying to kill time on the toilet.

Am I supposed to really care if some beta male feminist or 300lb bald headed woman calls me a bimbo. If pointing out that I’m fit, blonde, and big chested is all you got…then I think I can live with that.

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