Trees Are Now “Racist” According to California

…and the reasoning is even dumber than you think.

Look, you live next to a golf course in Palm Springs in a house you own…it can’t be that god damn bad. My first thought as to why a thick brush of trees were planted on a public golf course was that it was an efficient way to stop balls from smacking into houses and kids as they played in the backyard….but what do I know, I only lived on a golf course once.

Here’s a thought…maybe it’s to hide all the shit in your yard….so you knew you’d be on TV and you still couldn’t clean that shit up in the corner? M’kay….

Anyway, apparently they’ve decided it’s just “racist” and the city is going to spend $165,000 that it doesn’t have, to remove them…..but wait there’s more.

Oh yea, they’re going to give the residents an option to replace it with netting, a 6 foot wall (that’s more atttactive?) or…..more trees? What the fuck? So it’s the species of tree you find offensive? It’s the desert, the fact they’re that full and green is amazing…

The only thing worse is that the city caved into it…..and I can’t wait for the first resident to complain the first time they take a golf ball to their overly entitled face.

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