To Bake or Not to Bake Gay Wedding Cake….

It’s been a touchy subject for awhile now, but tomorrow the Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission case is headed to the Supreme Court…

Couple Refused by Masterpiece Cakeshop: Businesses Open to the Public Have to ‘Serve the Public Equally’

Keep in mind this baker previously declined to make a divorce cake because it went against his religious beliefs, and he had no problem selling the gay couple a cake….he just didn’t want to decorate it for a wedding.

You can’t discriminate against someone based on race, religion, or sexual orientation….but shouldn’t you have the right to be discriminatory about the services you provide?

You can’t say, “I’m not going to serve you because you’re gay.” That’s discriminatory…but you should be able to say “I’m not comfortable creating/providing that service” no matter what it is. Maybe it’s a clown cake and the baker’s scared of clowns. They can then take their business elsewhere and patronage a different business until they find someone that wants to do it, or just wants to make a buck.

That’s America, that’s capitalism….it has nothing to do about a gay themed cake and everything to do with not forcing people to provide a physical service if they don’t want to….and especially if it goes against their religion.

Let’s change the scenario….you can’t refuse service to a Muslim couple, just because they’re Muslim. That’s illegal. You should however be able to refuse to make them an ISIS cake if for some stupid reason they decide to ask for one. You can’t discriminate against people…you can be discriminate about the service.

I know that seems like a stretch, but don’t forget Walmart once refused to make a confederate flag cake…but had no problem making an ISIS cake. I shit you not.

I’d make that ISIS cake….I’d make it real “special” too….if you get what I mean.


It applies to anything really, if an 80 year old woman doesn’t want to bake a cake in the shape of your dick that’s her right. Doesn’t mean she hates dicks, it doesn’t make her sexist, she just shouldn’t have to do anything she doesn’t want to. Take your business elsewhere, who cares. Don’t say it’s not a thing either…

Some people are super religious or a hundred years old and old fashioned, it cost them business on occasion but that’s a choice they make. Maybe a Mormon baker doesn’t want to make a pentagram cake, maybe a Vietnam vet doesn’t want to make you a Jane Fonda cake, maybe a Jewish baker doesn’t want to make you a Hitler cake…

WTF? I mean, until I did this piece I didn’t realize that bleeding asshole cakes were a thing either but…

There’s pages of them….I don’t know why.

But I digress, progressive change doesn’t happen overnight, and jamming it down people’s throat forcibly only creates hostility often where it never existed before.

I live in Hollywood. If I went to order a cake decorated with guns, whiskey, and the American flag and the baker got triggered and refused to do it. I would…

1. Leave and go somewhere else

2. Write a shitty yelp review

3. Probably bitch them out on social media for being pussies and go out of my way to not recommend them

That’s it. They’ll probably lose business and that’s what happens when people have bad customer experiences. I’m not going to sue them, I’m not going to force them to make it, they’d probably just cry all over it anyway.

I’m pro-gay marriage, but I’m also anti-making people provide a service against their will. If a gay baker wasn’t comfortable doing a straight wedding cake then that’s ok too….he shouldn’t have to do it. It goes both ways.

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  1. I agree with you, but it is a well-established practice in constitutional law to disregard the First Amendment if it involves hurt feelings.

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