Tila Tequila has Gone Completely Insane, and I Don’t Think It’s For Attention This Time

She was the cute girl from MySpace, one of social media’s first celebrities that even had her own bisexual dating show…..

…but there was always something a little “off” that has exponentially grown over the years into her turning into the biggest dumpster fire shit show anyone’s ever fucking seen…..like, ever.

Now I understand that reality show based fame is hard to keep up with, to stay relevant is a constant uphill battle of publicity stunts designed to keep one’s name in the media. Because of that I had written off most of Tila’s early stunts as such…..like when she showed up at a Richard Spencer event with a Jewish guy dressed as Hitler and proclaimed to be an Asian “white supremacist…”

….it was just too bizarre to be taken seriously, I had actually thought it was a stunt to mock Trump and make conservatives look bad. But I was wrong, way wrong…..

Oh, no….she actually believes this shit….

She even dressed up her baby as Hitler…

….has no one seriously told her what Hitler would have done to her, her child, or her entire Vietnamese family?

She also believes the world is flat….

…which is a seriously dumbass belief easily solved by traveling in one straight direction by plane until you end up back where you started, seriously. Have these people never traveled anywhere?

She also believes porn stars need to die (remember, she did porn too)

…I can only show part of the DVD cover, for a good reason…

She also believes that God is doing her bidding in killing them, that homosexuality is evil (she’s probably banged more women than Charlie Sheen) and claims to be a born again Christian and does nothing but quote antiquated bible verses that somehow justify her awful behavior (they don’t.)

Here’s the 33 minute video she posted this week, see if you can get past 2 minutes….


…yes that’s really her, because apparently make-up is also be a tool of the devil now….

She makes a living doing constant gofund me’s and by selling her really crappy paintings….

….pretty sure those are Nazi “SS” bolts too.

Plus, nothing concretes being certifiably insane like non-stop talk about the End of Days…

Here she talks about……..how to get out of The Matrix? Huh?

Throw in some Holocaust denial for good measure….

Add in some genocide jokes…

So did the Holocaust not happen at all, or are you saying Hitler did gas a bunch a people? This seems like a conflicting kind of crazy…

…..hahaha, nothing funnier than being racist while false accusing people of molesting kids #holyshit

……..we get it, you’re insane. The real question is why hasn’t Twitter or FB considered any of this hate speech?

It’s not like she’s hiding it….

5 thoughts on “Tila Tequila has Gone Completely Insane, and I Don’t Think It’s For Attention This Time”

  1. Holy shit, she looks completely different without makeup…

    Whether she has lost her marbles, or it’s all fake trolling, she feeds off attention. Starve her with a media blackout.

  2. Yeah, shes off the deep end… is it an act or is it for real ? We may never know. But in reading your artical did you really use the term “antiquated Bible verses”? Lmao … isnt that more than a little redundant ? And honestly stupid to say ? The Bible is old. All of its verses are old…. not just some, and according to its MANY believers, is the factual inspired word of God , given to the world by the power of the Holy Spirit. Can it be misquoted? Oh yeah it can, misrepresented? Oh yeah, it can…. but to refer to “Bible verses” as antiquated? …… thats just funnier that shit …
    Now, given that you.may not be a Bible thumper.. thats fine and dandy … but in order to sustain your own legitimacy, and logical well substantiated conservatism i just thought i would pass this on to you as it jumped out at me….

    You are beautiful, we appreciate your conservative voice and keep fighting the good fight… we are winning.
    Cheers and regards.

  3. That’s freaking crazy. But I’m like 99.9% sure it’s all just a show, nobody cares about her anymore so she pretends to be crazy to get attention.

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