There is No “Cure” for Evil

Pedophiles cannot be rehabilitated, sociopaths cannot grow a conscience, and children that commit atrocious, heinous crimes cannot be “saved.”

Since the alt-left loves defending pedophiles…see previous article here…

The Left is Pushing for Pedophile Rights and the New York Times is Helping

I will openly condemn them. I believe they should receive the death penalty, as there is no cure nor rehabilitation that will change how they are. They are predators, that care nothing about the lives they ruin or take, no matter how young they are when they start…there are those among us that are born without souls….

Let me tell you a story most have forgotten. In 1993 a young British toddler was lured away from his mother by two individuals….and then subsequently brutally violated and murdered.

He was days away from his 3rd birthday, and the second boy the two tried to lure away that day….

Not just murdered either….they poured blue modeling paint into his eyes, stripped him naked, shoved batteries up his ass and mouth, stoned him with bricks, rocks, and rods, and then left him to be cut in half on the train tracks…

These “individuals” were two 10 year old boys…

Despite the insane depravity of the toddler’ murder, bleeding hearts clung to this case and the boys “rehabilitation.” They didn’t want to believe that 10 year old children could be evil. They believed they were “misunderstood” and could be changed….

It wasn’t so….

Millions of dollars of rehabilitation later, one of these killers in particular, Jon Venerables was spoiled with guitar lessons, letting him paint his cell, and the worst…..early release…and what did he do with all this rehabilitation, his new identity, and undeserved freedom?

Pretended to be a woman abusing her own 8 year old child to gain child porn from others.

“Children as young as 2, being raped…” There’s no fixing evil other than a 9mm bullet and a wall….

And because bleeding heart justice systems never fucking learn, he was released only a few years later……and did the same fucking thing again.

So they got this wretched human being a another identity, because they were worried about “vigilante justice.”

Who cares if this piece of shit gets the dog shit stomped out of him? He shouldn’t be a part of our society. Keep in mind, this was supposedly the less psychotic of the two killers.

If there is no bigger proof that there’s no cure for sociopathic pedophiles than this is it….

Fuck this guy……since he likes to get drunk and high and brag about what he did, I hope true “justice” finds him in a dark alley, seeing how England’s criminal system has failed its citizens….

2 thoughts on “There is No “Cure” for Evil”

  1. Evil like this makes me wish I were a sniper. I am not kidding. The toddler’s parents have to endure what those 2 psychos did to their child with no justice every single day. I hope the parents do get vigilante payback, I would cheer.

  2. You know the current generation doesn’t see evil. My father saw this in World War II, when Hitler youth that age tried to kill him. Just because you deny something doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist

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