There’s a US Website Selling “Prosthetic Penises” for Little Kids and It’s All Kinds of Wrong

If your kid is showing heavy proclivity to being a certain way or another, and you want to be a supportive parent, I get it. But there is positively absolutely, no reason for you to force your trendy, progressive ideals into Kindergarten aged kids who shouldn’t be sexualized in the first place.

Case in point….this disturbing website above. If your 7 year old little girl wants to break tradition and cut her hair short or wear pants instead of dresses, fine……but you do not need to buy her a prosthetic penis to stuff in her pants…

This is their actual product description….

Under 10? They did a lot of “research” on little kid’s penis size? That’s the creepiest thing I’ve ever fucking heard.

Toddler sized Teenage Mutant Ninja cock socks? You want to bet they don’t have the copy write to use that? Time to write some letters to Marvel….

They also sell “packer” underwear for little boys to hide their junk which since they decided to use a real toddler to model them…I don’t even feel comfortable posting the pic. No one that’s not a sicko wants to see that.

So what kind of weirdo creates a website that sells nothing but propaganda children’s books, fake little kid penises, and tucking underwear for preschoolers? This thing…

By the way, if you keep following the links you’ll realize “Searah” also owns a hard core sex toy website…which I think makes this whole thing even more disturbing. Also, when you name yourself “Searah” and put link of your other business you’re pretty easy for anyone to find on social media…so don’t blame me. She seems pretty proud of it…

2 thoughts on “There’s a US Website Selling “Prosthetic Penises” for Little Kids and It’s All Kinds of Wrong”

  1. That picture of them on The couch looks like a still shot from the movie Blue Velvet when Dennis Hopper goes to see Ben at Ben’s house. Am I right?

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