There’s a “National Racist Registry” Page on Facebook for Liberals that Lost Arguments to Conservatives and Want to Doxx Them…Cause “Tolerance” or Something

Oh yea, you know this can lead to no good.

Look, I hate racists as much as the next person……bonafide racists though, not the “everyone I disagree with is a racist” typical liberal losing an argument bull shit.

But seriously, for all the conservatives that get banned on Facebook for no reason…Diamond and Silk, The Conservative Latina, me….there’s pages of this garbage?

The best part is after a cool 2 years in existence they amassed a whole 37 followers….

And the only guy that comments is gloriously trolling them….

But they’re liberals, so of course they don’t get it….

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Can’t make this shit up sometimes, I swear…

You took a page called “Jihadis for Hillary” serious, bro? Nothing about it rang untrue, or nah?

But wait there’s more….

…..yea, I’m pretty sure “Shlomo Noseberg” is a troll account, but whatever…right? Let’s get hysterical….

McShekelstein knows what’s up…

Of course they’re against free speech, they’re commies….

“So many fresh faces” (two likes, and they’re laugh reacts)

The attention of ABC you say? Or…..1 lone share. Same thing.

I’m just going to end it right here with this piece of bullshit….

Yup, it wouldn’t be a bullshit leftist propaganda site without claiming how much you are for “tolerance and shit…”