The Real Reason There Was No Justice for Kate Steinle

An American citizen was murdered by a 5 time deported illegal alien and felon and there will be no justice for her because the city of San Francisco would rather defend their stance as a sanctuary city, then admit we have an immigration problem. They also would have been liable and open to huge lawsuits if he was found guilty….no conspiracy there at all.

Did you know that the jurors weren’t even allowed to know the immigration background of Jose Ines Garcia Zarate?

He was painted as a poor, unfortunate homeless man that couldn’t even keep his story straight about why he shot the gun in the first place. He was aiming at a seal, he was spinning in a chair, it magically fired itself….I mean his story had bigger holes in it than Chelsea Handler.

If he had actually hit that mythical seal he was aiming at for no apparent reason the entire city would have been up in arms, but this guy didn’t even get a manslaughter charge (which is the unintentional killing of someone) he got nothing but a weapons charge….for a stolen gun he wasn’t supposed to have because you know, criminals follow gun laws right? Yet my own conceal carry isn’t valid in California…but I digress.

In case you needed further proof that this whole verdict is a giant political fuck you to conservatives, patriots, and middle America because the most liberal city in the nation would rather let a killer free than admit they were super duper fucking wrong…just check out the wonderful comment made by the scumbag defense attorney…

God he looks like a douche… he demands that Trump and his team not comment on the verdict.

First, you know Trump’s going to tweet about it.

Secondly, he absolutely has a right to comment on it…and honestly, if he tweeted that the whole city of San Francisco could go fuck itself right now…it actually might just be justified for once.

Thirdly, whatever point you were trying to prove….backfired. Because anyone that was on the fence about immigration is thinking about picking up a shovel and building that wall their god damn self right now….and maybe adding some sniper towers…..and an alligator moat.

We need a wall, and it’s just as much figurative as it physical….as we need the complete reformation of what’s become our lazy and lax immigration system.

We need to deport all these illegal alien criminals and punish city officials that hinder it. Hell, let’s throw some of our own citizens that are criminals over the border for once, I don’t give a fuck.

We need an entire overhaul of our justice system, from jury selection on up. What kind of fucking rock did they find those jurors living under that hadn’t heard of the biggest case in their city, that believed the worst defense story ever told, and apparently never saw an episode of Law and Order in their entire useless dipshit lives?

This will be the death knell for sanctuary cities….we will make America great again with or without you California.

10 thoughts on “The Real Reason There Was No Justice for Kate Steinle”

  1. I think that the prosecutors failed to make the case about the gun, and the guns inability to “just go off”.

    They should have brought in more experts that could prove that guns don’t “just go off”.

  2. I needed this. There is a big problem when none of the laws that exist stopped, prevented, or even aknowledge this atrocity. I want to know if the judge was the reason neither attorney mentioned he was an illegal alien OR the extent of his tresspasses.

  3. I’m heartbroken for Kate’s parents. I was in LA during the riot of ’92. As an American town, San Francisco should have been on fire last night. And yet there was nothing.

  4. I love it! How about a moat of fkn bears? Remember, lol.
    I just had to drop you a line and let you know I agree with you. This is completely fuckin ridiculous. Makes me rethink my whole thought process as it relates to me moving to Cali in the coming months. We both have tons of friends there but,,, I can’t carry? Even with a permit? WTF? Anyway. #merica

    1. Please come to California. Bring like minded family and friends. We need more voters to turn things around, and get these idiots out of office. #HelpSaveCalifornia.

  5. If the prosecuters arent going to talk about this dude’s background, that’s the MOST obvious question after being identified as an illegal, then the WHOLE TRIAL was just fake. The prosecuter, the defense, the judge, the jurors were all bought and paid for. I know it sounds farfetched, but how hard would that be??? ….it would be super simple barring one gad the loot, intimidation, and the power of influence. This is a HORRIBLE outcome and very sad.

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