The Founder of the #WalkAway Movement Was Just Banned on Twitter

Brandon Straka, a former liberal and founder of the #WalkAway movement from the Democrat Party was just banned for 30 days for simply sharing a link to an interview he did with Alex Jones.

Although the liberal bias on social media is nothing new…it is increasingly growing bolder and more intolerant toward conservatives. Diamond and Silk, Terrence K. Williams, The Conservative Latina as well as popular Conservative pages like Occupy Democrats Logic and I, Hypocrite have all been unfairly banned or unpublished at some point. Even I have faces multiple ban hammers including one for posting threats a liberal had sent me, to the point Breitbart stepped in to get it back….

I’ve uncovered numerous tactics since the election that Facebook has utilized to muzzle conservatives….from shadow banning account to not show up in the feed….

To secretly “un-liking” my page for my followers….

And now we are at the point where the bias is so blatant, they don’t even care if they can justify it, because they know that the public has no true recourse.

Even popular non political pages like Turtleboy Sports gets shut down non stop…for no other reason than they expose the hypocrisy and scams of the left’s precious (and fascist) social justice warriors.

They intend to silence conservatives, patriots, and anyone else they disagree with, and there’s really nothing the general public can do about it. Social media was the one thing we had to call out the mainstream media on their bullshit and lies, and they fully intend to put an end to it as an outlet of reason.

I predict the censorship will continue to worsen until they have the liberal echo chamber of their dreams….where hopefully the platform will become boring enough that even moderates will jump ship, cause Facebook’s value to plummet, and hopefully… bought out by reputable investors willing to restore it to what it was.

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