Supreme Court Rules that Sex Offenders Have a “Basic Human Right” to Be On Social Media

In case you missed it…because I sure did, several months ago the Supreme Court ruled that social media was a “basic American right” (it’s not, and if it is why do I get banned all the time for nothing?) which unfortunately also means that they believed convicted sexual predators and pedophiles could not be kept off social sites unless “they were breaking the law while doing so” because obviously, these people really care about not breaking the law to get what they want….

…and considering that felons are regularly stripped of their constitutional rights like voting or being able to buy firearms, it really shouldn’t be that much of a stretch to apply to Facebook and Twitter….but apparently it is.

Because there’s nothing I love better than when people my grandparent’s age make important decisions about technology and other things they don’t use or understand….

Well of course there are repercussions to this, and of course it’s going to come down to public outcry to make anyone on the government to do something. So let me explain with one simple, yet awful example of why that needs to change right now….

There’s an investigative blog based in Worcester, MA that reports on what all the local dregs of society are doing publicly that’s illegal or immoral and calls them out on it on social media. It’s called Turtleboy Sports…and it’s awesome.

…and they’re currently on their 6th or 7th page because Facebook keeps unpublishing them without any reason other than some losers are upset that they exposed them and flag everything they try to post.

Literally. Like this picture that FB said was “sexually violent…”

Or this one of a Christmas Tree that got reported for “nudity….”

I myself, may never top the time I got banned for 7 days for writing “just saying…”

But you know who is allowed on social media and not getting censored by any platform?

This POS…

His name is Robert Robinson (no relation, thank God) and he’s a convicted pedophile.

Somehow getting a 13 year old girl pregnant in the Philippines only warrants 1 year in county jail and 4 years probation, way to go Maine justice system!

Here’s a simple run down…

And what does this shining beacon of humanity do on social media? He roams around Augusta, Maine and takes pictures of underage girls without their permission or knowledge and post them on his social with inappropriate comments about how attracted he is to them, “The Dude Likes Your Hair” is his creepy screen name….

The girl’s dad was actually made aware of the photos online and called him out on it….

Here’s the entire Turtleboy article that goes into more detail….

Augusta is not a big city…I had to take an 8 person prop plane there to visit my mom. It would be very easy to come together as a community to do something about this guy for the record…I’d flyer the town myself if I ever get back there.

Also, because Maine’s welfare system is fucked this fat asshole is on food stamps…

So he’s on assistance but can afford a trip to New York, nice….

You see that pizza? We paid for that pizza.

Ugh, clean your fucking tub bro.

Why are sex offenders even able to get welfare? The only thing he should be eating is a bullet…

And ladies you’re in luck…..he’s on Tinder

As Turtleboy pointed out…great screening process for a dating app, eh?

Anyway, taking pictures of people in public is not illegal however whether they’re underage or not, that’s how paparazzi make their living. That’s not what this story’s about however….

What I want to know, is how Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube (YouTube dismantled two of my accounts for posting clips of myself from TV) but this disgusting slob can post shit like this?

This guy should not be on social media, he shouldn’t be on welfare either…hell, he shouldn’t even be out of jail…

Don’t tell me FB, Twitter, and YouTube have the time to censor and ban conservative accounts like mine, or investigative accounts like Turtleboy for imaginary things….but can’t crack down on sexual predators?

So tweet it, share it, post this to anyone and everywhere you think it can help…. because convicted pedophiles shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near a computer….

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