Student Questioned By Security Starts the Most Ridiculous SJW Witch Hunt Ever

An employee of Smith College (an all girls school) found what they believed to be a man laying down in what was supposed to be an empty building on campus, so they called security to look into it. The officer came and checked, the person ended up being a female with very short hair, and they were up and eating lunch by then. The woman said she works there and was just on break, the cop leaves….end of story, right?

No. As first reported by TurtleSport’s Clarence Woods Emerson, the female freaks out on social media, declares it was only because she was black, then other “woke” SJWs decide to do a witch hunt demanding the employee that called be fired. I wish I was kidding, but here’s the original story….

Here’s a glimpse of her insane FB recount….

Please notice a few things here…..she claims the employee was “white” but how does she know? The school hasn’t released the name yet. She also claims she was “sitting” but the transcript of the call states that she was laying down….

You think Smith College even asked why their employee was sleeping on the clock in a place they weren’t supposed to be? Nah, instead they did this….

They put the concerned employee who called on leave!!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!

After a lot of pressure, the college released the name redacted transcript of the call….

Now, do you think the media bothered to research/check/have any journalistic integrity before running the story? No.


Someone asked her what she was doing where she didn’t belong. How will she go on……

If you can imagine the level of man hating feminism required to willfully attend an all girls college….then you get an idea of how incompletely insufferable the followers, the students, and alumni of the school are going to be.

Here are some gems….

What does “hatrassed” mean and how much did they have to fight with their autocorrect for it? Clearly, they learn a lot at this college….

Oh yea, they were about 10,000 comments demanding the firing of the employee that called, and the comments so cancerous I thought I was going to need a hazmat suit to read them….


“Trauma?” “Drama” more likely….

So why would someone overly dramatize a story like that anyway? Internet fame among other Occupy Democrat drones? The ultimate virtue signal story that’ll of course end with “and then everyone clapped?”

Or how about this….

Gee, you think a leftie friend of hers wrote that for her, or nah?

Don’t expect anything other than propaganda from Smith College either. They’re so woke that the first two “related pages” for it are this…

A pro-Muslim “vibe” page (whatever that means) and a pro-Palestine page show up before any other similar college pages start showing up. Who thought North Hampton, Massachusetts could be so “woke.”

They also don’t believe in armed security on campus….

Whaaaaat? How’s security supposed to actually do anything if something happens? What kind of lunatic mindset is required to justify not arming campus police you ask?

Oh yea, didn’t you know? Massachusetts has one of the most suffocatingly strict gun laws in the country….which means everyone is safe and no one gets shot there, according to idiot hippies.

Point of the matter is that girl lied….she wasn’t reported for “being black” but I’m guessing she didn’t realize those calls were recorded and it makes no mention of it. She also heavily dramatized a menial event and is actively trying to ruin another person’s life just to get attention and an undeserved free ride to this college. I hope the employee that called security sues her and the school into the ground…..

The next generation is doomed to come out as a bunch of whiny, entitled, fluffy, useless commies unless we purge our entire educational system from the regressive left….