Stop Using My Pics to Catfish People, Seriously

If you’re going to use someone’s identity to catfish…you shouldn’t pick mine. It always gets back to me and I will call out and embarrass your whore ass for the entire world to see…..which will be especially fun since we apparently have dozens of mutual friends in common….

About once a month someone sends me a link to someone using my pics to catfish, usually it’s tinder, or, or that time that shitty strip club was using me for all their flyers and newspaper ads (remember how everyone trolled their FB, ah good times)

Well, this time I received a message earlier today that someone was using my pics and name on the San Diego backpages escort site (how is that legal by the way) and sure enough….

This fucking idiot, linked her FB to the ad. I guess guys aren’t supposed to notice a washed up white trash 10 year older version of me shows up in my place?

A wannabe actress, model, clothing designer, musician, rapper, and full time cock sucker…..of course “Dissquick” isn’t her real name….

That’s probably not her real name either but whatever. You know what happens when I run the phone number from the ad through google?

“If it isn’t me it’s free?” How was that going to work using my pics? Oh….well at least she used her own on this one, it’s hilarious that it’s the same pic as her FB banner….

And what happened when I asked her about it?

Immediately blocks me when I tell her I just had someone call it.

Look, you want to be a whore be a whore. Just don’t fucking use other people’s pictures to do it. It took one whole fucking day to get back to me. And since you decided to block me I’ve got to roast you here….

Fix your fucking eyebrows, there’s also no fucking way you’re 27….

You are not a rapper, the fuck is this shit? Dissquick sounds like a venereal disease of the ass, which is fitting.

You are not a model, also hip hugger bell bottoms went out of style a long, long fucking time ago…and no one wants to see your fupa.

You look like Brett Michaels if he had a low budget sex change in Mexico….and why are you standing in a walk in shower?

Fucking delusional bitch. I asked a mutual friend and they confirmed that you were a prostitute, they even knew your pimp’s name. At least now people will be up on your scam. And don’t even try to say I’m bullying you when you had no problem dragging my name through the mud to make a fuck buck.

I’d suggest you take down all the posts you made using my pics (since you’ve decided to make several) and stick to using your own shitty pics for your whoring from now on…

6 thoughts on “Stop Using My Pics to Catfish People, Seriously”

  1. Did she come up with that name while stoned with a severe case of the munchies? All I can think of is Bisquick, and it’s kind of fitting too. Kinda doughy, unidentifiable gooey spots throughout and probably 10+ years past it’s “best by” date.

  2. Hahaha… Yep! Thats her. Who knew Bret Michaels had a low budget sex change in Mex? Only to come home and advertise “fupa” thunder to the world. And… she def ain’t 27. She does look like she got “face fucked ” though my about 27 cockmonsters back to back. Guess what Kindra….. prob time to pull the plug on this one. You picked the wrong one…. Trust me! She will take no prisoners. She will skull fuck you mindless and leave yir name in ruins. You’ve been warned. #merica

  3. That Fucked up using your picture & Name,
    I guess cause of you celeb.
    She might have thought you would never notice and get away with it.
    But on the bright side she did picked the right girl to try to make sales.
    your Beauty is so radiant Mindy.

  4. This woman is signed to a record label called “Always a Hit Productions”, who has at least one other similar-looking woman, namely “model” and “exotic dancer” Chloe Goins aka “Chlo-Chlo”, on their “roster”. She’s mostly famous for accusing Bill Cosby of assault – and has in her youth been arrested for… prostitution of course. There’s recent escorting rumors of her as well…
    Who’s the CEO of this record label? Jirus “Jammin J” Junior, the pimp of at least “Diss-Quick”. If you go to their facebook they’re constantly promoting “Chlo-Chlo’s” disstrack against Bill Cosby…
    There was another (unrelated) case where “father and son pimp” were laundering prostitution money through music companies…
    I’d guess this “record company” is mostly used as a front for the real purpose of these girls – hooking! And I wonder how many more this applies to…

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