Self Proclaimed “Tolerant” Liberal Harasses Pro-Gunner’s Employers With Lies Until They’re Fired… Accuses Me of Defamation For Calling Her Out For It

You know this is going to be a good one….

So, I had posted this meme mocking the leftist media site The Other 98% earlier this week…

…because apparently in their non-sexist imagination the word dick is more offensive than dressing up like a giant vagina.

Which ironically by the way, they immediately contradicted themselves by posting this only 3 and a half hours later….

But I digress, because honestly the Left and it’s legendary hypocrisy are nothing new.

But then someone must have said “Hold my soy vanilla latte…” because I was informed that “tolerant and loving” liberals decided to doxx the guy in the photo, harassed him, then proceeded to get him fired….cause tolerance or something.

I give you Lysa Heslov….

Pretty typical hypocritical leftie….virtue signals about charity work…

Yea, she has a whole “charity” page that talks about empathy and tolerance and how you shouldn’t bully people….

Well “Lysa” (because of course she spells it like an asshole) likes to doxx what she considers “Nazis…” although she never actually seems to provide proof outside of the fact they’re white males, love guns, and of course her biggest issue….she doesn’t agree with them.

Yea, “Love Trumps hate” never seems to be followed by any actual acts of kindness but whatevs…

Her and her douchebag friends are “so proud” of it too…I mean, all they did was harass his employer by lying and saying he was a neo-Nazi and a pedophile for no reason…I know this because I was personally contacted by the people in the photo and the poor guy had to be sat down and asked why they were getting calls about him being a Nazi and a pedophile. Nice.

Oh, she called 17 times….that’s normal. But according to her, he was “already fired” when she….you know, called to get him fired so it’s not her fault…

She also tweeted the company because calling wasn’t enough…. (you can delete the original tweet, but it still shows the company responding to your complaint)

Oh….and she also publicly posted it so that others may share in her liberal witch hunt parade…. (I’m the one that edited out the info, of course.)

Anyway, the cancer on her page continued…..

I know, it’s like a giant self congratulatory “who’s the biggest asshole” circle jerk contest….keep in mind, that she believes he’s a “white supremacist” based off NOTHING but a “suck my dick” sign at a gun rally.

Great doxxing job Mr. Belch, even better public profile pic….

Beta males gonna beta….anyway.

Yea, except there are no children anywhere present in that picture….and you guys just harassed someone’s employer saying they were a pedophile which is absolutely the worst thing you could do to someone.

Oh, and the shitter? They did it to the other guys in picture just for standing next to him. They are part of a pro-gun outdoor group that volunteer as security and things like that. Hell, these psychos even went after the guy’s spouse because hey….nothing fights the imaginary intolerance you made up in your head better than actual, raging and purposeful intolerance. If you scroll through her page you’ll see her and her cronies do it pretty regularly.

What exactly is Lysa’s damn problem? Well, for starters she believes everyone she disagrees with is “racist.” Everyone….

WAIT…..what? Attending a Holocaust memorial is racist??! Oh get out of here lady…

She’s seriously one of the most insufferable people on the damn planet…..and the best part of it all? Is this Lysa chick is against cyber bullying….I shit you not.

Oh ok….bullying people you don’t agree with is ok because in your imaginary mind everyone right of center is literally Hitler…

Free speech rally = total Nazis right? Can’t let free speech happen or anything….


The worst part about people like this is that they think they’re morally superior over everyone….well guess what? You’re not.

And as cool as you think you are in front of your couple dozen of your liberal douchebag friends I can assure you…what you’ve done is completely illegal and vindictive and I can’t believe you actually publicly posted proof of it…you are a garbage human being.

Oh, and thank you for the typical “loving and tolerant” tweet you sent me.

I’m still not sure if she’s claiming I hate white trash, or making fun of my people…

You’d think a liberal would consider putting someone down over their race or social status as being against everything they believe….but that’s because most people are fake ass hypocrites that find it easier to falsely project their glaring flaws onto others, rather than deal working on their own moral shortcomings.

But I digress…

So she messaged me on Twitter threatening to sue me for defamation (yes, I’m fully aware that she just threatened to sue me over exposing her for exactly what she was doing wrong) and she basically goes off the rails from there…

On a side note, I’m pretty sure it’s illegal for your cop friend to run his info so you can doxx him with it, just saying…

She’s also mad that I don’t know, her own screenshots make her look bad or something….

But yea, considering we’re all reading the same “facts” she’s denying in this article I’m not even sure how she can deny it at this point.

Then there’s this…..

I have absolutely no idea what “guy at the post office she’s talking about….” I am not without sin in my life, but I don’t know what the hell this could be. Since she’s threatening to sue me anyway, I can’t wait for a judge to explain to her what actual slander (libel) is…..

But wait, there’s more…how insufferable can someone be? I mean, why should she stop the threats and bullying at this point, amirite?

1. How is any of this “racist?” Seriously, beat a different dead horse….

2. The defense for defamation is the truth. I literally have it all here in this handy dandy article.

3. It is not hard to get thrown off Facebook……I would know. I literally made the news for getting kicked off wrongfully for posting threats I had received on a FB and got reinstated with an apology from Facebook and everything….

4. That guy didn’t threaten anyone with a baseball bat, he was explaining bats were as deadly as guns but you clearly don’t have any reading comprehension skills.

5. Saying your shitty feminist movie is shitty isn’t defamation, it’s called an opinion….although I know you Libs aren’t fond of those.

6. I have nothing to sue for, unless you’re interested in an 08 Honda Civic. Believe it or not, not everyone in Hollywood is all about cars, money and their “deep pocket” douchebag friends. You will never win anyway, and this is not my first rodeo.

She didn’t give up though, she found me on Facebook…

I give you….my most epic anti-Hollywood rant ever…

Lysa Heslov you are the quintessential example of everything wrong with elite Hollywood leftists. You act atrociously to people…then flip out when it turns on you. You preach tolerance, empathy, and anti-bullying all over your profiles…while simultaneously and vindictively harassing people by calling their employers until they get fired. Without a defense, you deflected by denying your very well documented actions and bad behavior. You couldn’t debate, so you screamed at people that they were “racists” not because there was any evidence of it…but because it’s the most hurtful, slanderous thing one could say. You laughed when people left negative reviews about people you didn’t like, then screamed bloody murder once you realized that action was a two way street. You threatened me by telling me how “deep your friend’s pockets” were that we’re going to go after me and condescendingly called me “white trash.” You use Facebook as a means and a tool to ruin other people’s lives, but reported me to it…an investigative blogger…for exposing the truth and defending those that personally came to me for help for the things you, yourself have maliciously done to them. You don’t know me, if you think “I’m against our veterans” because I don’t like your crappy film….you see, I actually do charity events specifically for veterans…it’s actually my main focus…I just don’t need to virtue signal all over my newsfeed about it so everyone can see “what I wonderful person I must be” to do it….I just do it because it’s my passion, that’s what charity is supposed to be. You also don’t know me if you think threatening me and bullying me is going to make me roll over and cry. I’m a patriot, and I’m a conservative actress in an industry and town overrun by rampant, blind hypocrisy and this ain’t my first rodeo with people like you. I know you think you are….but you’re not in the right on this. Not even close, and once I present the whole story and all the evidence to whatever lawyer friend you drum up to call me….they’ll tell you you’re wrong, very actionably wrong…and that you should drop it and run the other way…because that’s what happens every time this happens. Like I said, not my first rodeo.

Liberals can never handle the same shit they dole out, can they?

She also proclaims that she has “proof” that the guy holding the sign wants to “shoot cops” etc, that he’s a bad guy who deserves it….but remember she had no idea who he was until AFTER she doxxed him….she was determined to ruin him just based off the picture.

She also won’t post this “proof” if you ask, but she did privately send it to several followers of mine (that she’s convinced she set straight about it all) and lo and behold, just like the baseball bat comment….she took the whole thing out of context…

Yea, except he’s clearly talking about the cops in Florida that refused to do their job to save those kids, and stopped the EMTs as well, this is not some open arms call to harm police. But of course leave it to liberals to never be able to discern that you can be #bluelivesmatter but still able to criticize the actions of individual police. But yea, now I know why she didn’t want to post it…

Lysa Heslov, you are a garbage human being….and every time you contact me or have your lawyers threaten me (the truth is the defense for libel by the way) I will repost this article. Have a great day!

UPDATE: Since she claims to own every single picture of herself in existence (sorry, but your public profile pic is legal fair game) and demands for it to be taken down I will, which is more courtesy than she gave any of the people she gleefully doxxed the last 2 years. But yea, here’s the link to what she looks like anyway