Scumbag Student Flushes Hamster Down Toilet to Make Flight

Look, you can already tell she’s a scumbag because of the whole “emotional support hamster” in the first place. It’s not like she just got back from ‘Nam, she had a benign cyst on her neck. Way to abuse the system so you can feel special, princess.

Plus, a normal person would have just gone home if the animal was that special, or if they didn’t really care just pass it off to a stranger and hope they didn’t take it because they owned a snake.

Personally I’d have just tried sneaking it in, unless it’s a cyborg there’s no metal to set the machine off and the worse they can do is turn you around anyway.

What I would never have done (nor any sane person for that matter) would be to flush it. It’s not a dead fish, knowing how things rarely go down the toilet when you need them to, I just imagine it was gruesomely forced.

I also don’t think for one second that anyone at the airport told her to do that. In fact, no one would have even known about this story if that little psycho hadn’t proudly outed herself and told everybody. So she’s clearly doing this as a money grab (yes, she’s already said she’s suing) or worse, she did it for shitty internet fame.

I personally couldn’t stand the way the mainstream media was putting the blame on Spirit airlines and not this dumb shit broad which is why I wrote this up in the first place, but here’s the original article for reference…

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