Rosie O’Donnell Just Blatantly and Publicly Committed an Actual Felony

Although I’m sure she’s too stupid and out of touch to realize the implications of what she did… yesterday Rosie O’Donnell tweeted that she was willing to bribe two US senators $2 million dollars each if they voted her way….

I’m not sure how “suoer” slipped by, I just had to literally fight with my autocorrect to write it myself, but I’m pretty sure she meant the “super” rich….which I’m also pretty sure would include her bitter ass….unless she was like, suoer bad at investing the money from her awful TV show, who knows….

But someone was quick to point out that what she did was suoer illegal too….

If convicted she’d never be able to immigrate to Canada like she’s always (empty) threatening to do, because Canada has actual immigration laws….stricter than ours actually. You can’t even visit the country with a DUI on your record.

But I digress…

Ben Shapiro made a witty comment about it, of course….

Which in true tolerant, loving, and morally superior above the rest of us, leftists fashion she responded with….

Which is a credible threat given that she might actually have one….but of course Shapiro had one more good burn in response….

On another note…is Rosie still dating that suoer hot female police officer….or did she leave after getting tired of eating that expired Subway sandwich?

Ugh, it looks like George Washington is creeping up behind her….that’s what happens when you’re a “10” but you live in Worcester, MA….it must be because Rosie is one of those suoer rich people she’s hypocritically complaining about….just saying.

UPDATE: She actually responded to my tweet about it….in true hippo-crit form

4 thoughts on “Rosie O’Donnell Just Blatantly and Publicly Committed an Actual Felony”

  1. She’s fallen victim to one of the Classic Blunders. The first of which is: never become involved on a land war in Asia. The second (only slightly less well known) is: never lock horns with Ben Shapiro when you’re wrong.

  2. I think you meant “loving and TOLERANT left”…you can only be the grammar and spelling police when you’re suoer good at it. Also, “conservative and plastic looking” would’ve worked better. Just saying

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