Ron Perlman Wins Douche Of The Year Award On Twitter

While Ron Perlman is no stranger to making asshole comments online, he’s actually managed to out-douche even himself recently…

He saw this post about retraining wounded veterans to help fight child exploitation…

and made this comment….

Bro, you just publicly accused a wounded vet of being a Nazi because you’re too fucking stupid to know that there are more than one type of cross in the world.

That’s right, turns out Perlman wasn’t the only dumb asshole harassing a war veteran about his tattoo because ICE actually had to make a clarifying statement about it….

So did Ron apologize?

I wouldn’t call it an apology, he seems to be blaming an unnamed “agency” that projects their “obsession” to “racially profile decent people” which sounds like he’s trying to blame Trump while in actuality he’s just describing himself…..

Then again, he’s not exactly good at this “apology” thing…

Yea, why would it matter that he was posting fake pictures and telling everyone to be mad about it..

Typical TDS Asshole….