Philadelphia is About to Do Away With Protective Bulletproof Glass in Stores

I know when I’m thinking about making a shitty neighborhood safer, the first thing I think about doing is removing the protective barrier in corner stores and delis so that criminals can more easily rob and kill the cashiers and owners.

I’m kidding, that’s the worst fucking idea ever. It sounded insane when I read about it first on Blue Lives Matter…

…..I wasn’t too worried that it would even pass, but it’s been continually pushed forward, and the deciding date is January 14th and it seems everyone in the city but the terrified small shop owners are for it.

You mean the “Stop and Rob” bill? It disallows future use of protective glass and forces current business owners to pay to remove the ones already installed…

It’s ok, I pulled the entire City Council line up and their info in case you felt like telling them all that there are better ways of cleaning up a neighborhood other than putting the lives of citizens with actual jobs at risk…or something more colorful, whatever.

And their mayor….

And his Twitter, politicians care more about what pops up publicly online then any well written letter you send them….

Oh yea, I guarantee you not a single one of them lives in a bad neighborhood….and they’re all for it apparently too. They believe those establishments are nuisances because people will buy liquor and linger around… how does that stop that from happening after the bulletproof glass comes down? Other than you know, maybe the owner will be dead and the store will close?

David Oh said in a statement after the Monday hearing, according to NBC 10.

He added: “In case there was any doubt about the City’s position, today City officials testified in support of removing these protective barriers. In other words, the City can and almost certainly will require the removal of safety glass as soon as the ordinance goes into effect.”

It’s headed by Democrat councilbroad Cindy Bass, who apparently loves pandering to criminals…If you tweet her (and you should, her handle is below) she’ll come back with an automated cut and paste response saying it only applies to restaurants….which is absolutely not true.

That’s a lie, she makes it sound like they’re talking about Applebee’s or something. If you’ve got a problem with beer delis and corner markets than deal with their liquor licenses or something, not by getting them murdered.

She’s full of all kinds of excuses as to why this is such a “great” idea…like it makes people feel bad that they have to order items through a window, it’s undignified, and “muh feelings”….yea well, crime stats and facts don’t care about your stupid fucking feelings.

Maybe you should improve the criminal justice system of your city to keep shitbags off your street so you don’t need bulletproof glass in the first place? How about that novel idea? Maybe you should stop this institutionalized dependency of welfare democrats love so much because it gets them easily manipulated voters….don’t marry the baby of your father or you won’t get this check, in fact here’s more money for every kid you have that you can’t afford….and don’t get a job or we’ll take it all away from you….just keep voting democrat and we’ll keep doling out free phones, food stamps, and section 8 housing so you can live marginally below poverty with few opportunities to succeed aside from criminal activity. Don’t worry, we’ll keep you safe from those “racist” conservatives that would rather see you graduate, take up a vocation, and enter the workforce as a contributing member of society, have solid families, and actually get ahead in this world.

I know it’s easier to play Xbox and do nothing, and watch your own neighborhoods slip into the abyss (that’s what those politicians want from their posh houses outside of the city you pay for with taxes) but success is always more satisfying, I guarantee you. Do not let this happen, help yourself and help your community.

Safeguards can come down when it’s safe to do so, how about that? Be vocal! Send this link to everyone!!!

Here are some of the winning comments from the original post of my page….

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  1. I’d like to know if Ms. Bass has financial connections to, or receives favors from cheap glass/window manufacturers. There’s NO reason to introduce this legislation unless she’ll profit some way. Plus a bonus for her constituents of Antifa rioters, because it’ll be much easier for them to hurl garbage cans through the windows and loot.

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