People are Demanding Apple Make a Pregnant Man Emoji

To be fair, I can’t tell if these people are “woke” as hell, or seasoned trollers….that’s become harder these days.

“Sew” or sue? Because one is way more fabulous…

He posted that in 2017, but who’s counting….

And they’re not alone, this came out yesterday…

At first I thought, how many pregnant men/women (?) could this emoji possibly appeal to?

Then I realized that there were way better, much more useful applications that it could be applied to! Savings Code: FindMindy

1 thought on “People are Demanding Apple Make a Pregnant Man Emoji”

  1. First SHE WASN’T A MAN!! A MAN CANNOT GET PREGNANT YOU DELUSIONAL MENTALLY UNSTABLE FREAKS!! SHE was a woman who had HER breasts cut off but still had all HER FEMALE reproductive organs!! By the very laws of nature,rules of science and the way MEN are made,A REAL MAN CANNOT AND WILL NOT EVER BE PREGNAT YOU DEMENTED FREAKS!!

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