Pennsylvania State University Refuses to Expel Islamist Student For Terroristic Threats

Kuwaiti born Hussein Altarakmah has been making terroristic threats via Twitter to conservative Jewish writer Kayra Loomer, which included commentary mocking dead US soldiers and praising the 9/11 attacks.

This asshole right here…

…and both the University and Homeland Security continue to refuse to do anything about it.

Here are some of his more “tolerant” messages….

Get the fuck out of what country, bro? You’re in my country, why don’t you get the fuck out. This guy should have been deported like yesterday….

His Instagram isn’t any better….

What a “hilarious” joke…….if he had ordered it from me I’d have wiped my whole asshole around the rim.

No threats to the campus? Naw, just death to Americans in general.

This is what’s wrong with our country and our university system. No personal accountability and turning a blind eye to terroristic threats because god forbid anything negative is said about a Muslim ever, and all over a non-citizen that’s only here as luxury. Send him back in a fucking crate in cargo…preferably without air holes.

Feel free to let Penn State know how you feel about it, here’s their Twitter.

They’d apparently love for you to hashtag #MyPennState so don’t forget…. 😉

UPDATE: Penn State actually had the balls to write me back and reiterate that not only have they not done anything about it, but that they were concerned that people were harassing and saying mean things to the terrorist douche….

Yea, Penn State can go fuck itself….

2 thoughts on “Pennsylvania State University Refuses to Expel Islamist Student For Terroristic Threats”

  1. the more things change the more they stay the same, when I was in college the campus was full of Iranians. They all hated 2 things, the shah and America. The administration ignored them because they brought a lot of income into the campus, the shah paid for their tuition, books, fees plus gave them a stipend that was greater than some of the teachers salaries (that bastard!) This trend has only intensified over the years. Today ANY foreign student is looked on as a cash cow. And that trumps (pun intended) anything else including the lives of their fellow citizens. With a slight exception for their students, but then again their view is that you lose a few, foreign recruitment will replace them. This is what you get when you cross political correctness with capitalism. A bloody monster

  2. I’m sure when this tool shoots up the campus or blows up a building Penn St. will say it was the result of people saying mean things to him for wishing death on America.

    The left is trying to deconstruct our society and I’m afraid things may get worse.

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