Newsweek Claims the Whole Christmas Season is Racist Now…

Why pick apart Christmas songs written decades ago for convoluted ideas of sexism and racism when you can blame the whole holiday as being Nazi propaganda?

Ugh, I wish I was kidding but I’m not. Apparently Newsweek had nothing better to do than release this article on Christmas Eve, it’s a long, bizarre article so I’ll just break down the gems for you…

What? How? Oh this ought to be good…

I don’t know why the left can discern between 65 different genders but not between Muslim countries and Muslim countries filled with radicals trying to kill us, but they can’t. There’s also like a 20 minute montage on YouTube of all the times Trump has disavowed white supremacists over the years but these are people that live off being perpetually dissatisfied.

(I was half expecting liberals to claim Trump was “just like Hitler” when he recognized Jerusalem as the capital out of nothing more than pure habit last week, but I digress)

Experts? Yea, don’t list your sources for anything….that would be too much like credible journalism. He’s giving a speech in front of a Christmas tree because it’s Christmas. Moron.

There’s those unquoted “experts” again…. I want to hear from these experts that think Christmas is only a “white thing.” It’s become so secular even my Jewish and atheist friends celebrate it. Also….the “most notable” difference is that he never talks about killing off an entire race of people? Ya think? Killing people is what made Nazis, Nazis…otherwise they were just your typical dictator run national socialists….which I’m guessing Bernie leftists would probably love.

OMG, why does this woman insist minorities don’t celebrate Christmas? Is she only friends with African American Jehovah witnesses or something? If someone’s wishing you well, they’re just wishing you well….whether it’s “Happy Hanukkah” or “Happy Kwanza” or whatever, why is it only “Merry Christmas” bothers people….just because Trump said it? Get over it.

Take the stick out of your ass, and try to have a Merry Christmas lady…

3 thoughts on “Newsweek Claims the Whole Christmas Season is Racist Now…”

  1. It looks like the liberal establishment are more like Hitlers Nazi machine than any group before or after. They control the Main Stream media that promotes their propaganda, they tell untruths, they seem to think if they say things loud enough and often enough the people will believe it. Glad your speaking out against it

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