New Evidence Reveals Aztecs Killed A Sh*t Ton More People Than Previously Thought

In a day and age where I have to hear non-stop about how “evil” our American predecessors were because they fought with natives and took their land…let me remind you just what kind of party we were actually breaking up here….

Oh, there you go. Now, we’ve all heard the stories of the infamous human sacrifices in South America, but like…how bad was it?

Well, Archaeologists recently dug up one of these many Aztec Indian sacrificial sites and revealed the unbelievably immense scale of it all.

Holy shit. They didn’t just pull some guy out of a crowd once a year….they were using human skulls like they were mother fucking Legos. That whole back wall is made of skulls, 6 rows deep. So were the wells, which they felt the need to double up on cause, I don’t know why.

Oh, here’s the link to the scientific article about it….

But since they felt the need to romanticize what these heathens were doing, I’ll give you the realist breakdown of it…

So…the goal of the sacrifice was to cut the heart out while it was still beating. They then decapitated you (would have been a nicer thing if that’s what they started with but hey) then either made a wall with your skull or impaled it sideways so you could use it as some sort of decorative wallpaper for the temple.

Or for the hell of it, a mask…

The hell is that? Looks like they murdered gonzo from the muppets.

And who were they murdering?

That’s right, 25% of them were women and children…so don’t try to sell me on that they were just killing enemy warriors.

And why…..why the hell were they doing all this?

Because they were worried the sun wouldn’t rise? Holy shit.

I like that they add that the victims earned a “special, honored, place in the afterlife…” like they had a choice. Yea everyone wants to go to heaven but ain’t nobody wants to go right now. Well, except for maybe that one religion with the suicide vests….(that can’t be named…..because of Zuck.)

So yea, the conquistadors were murderous assholes….but so were the Aztecs. Granted North American Indians were absolutely no where near as bad as either, not even close….but if Europeans hadn’t come when they did what would have stopped the violent tribes from moving up from the south and conquering and slaughtering them in the course of time? Who knows. That’s why it’s history.

Oh….by the way they had slaves. So stop acting like it’s something that only ever existed in the world in Georgia. Human beings can be awful. But the South American Indians living today are no more responsible for the actions of their ancestors than anyone living today in America is for theirs.

You’re supposed to learn from history, not repeat it….and not dwell the fuck over it all the time.