New Crowd Funded Movie Defies Mainstream Hollywood with Pro-Life Message

New There’s currently a campaign to independently crowd fund a pro-life movie detailing the true story behind the court case Roe v. Wade, that Hollywood and the liberal media don’t want you to know about.

Though many people recognize it as the case that set the precedent for legalizing abortion, few understand the manipulation involved within the media and the ignored bias of the Supreme Court that occurred to actually get it pushed through. Before the decision, most states only allowed the termination of a pregnancy if there were health risks involved for the mother.

Even fewer realize that many of the initial activists for legalizing abortion later changed their stance in life, having regretted helping the movement at all….including Roe herself who felt used by the system and later became a major activist in the pro-life movement. It also brings to light the lesser known details surrounding the initial goals of planned parenthood….which was to cut down on the birth rates of poor African American women…

…an agenda that’s not only poorly hidden, but obviously still lives on today as highlighted by The Daily Wire in their expose revealing the specific targeting of black urban women in Planned Parenthood’s advertising and billboards…

There are currently 3 pro-abortion movies in production by studios. Planned Parenthood itself has spent over $30 million dollars trying to “re-brand” the name after an incriminating video of them admitting that they sell aborted baby parts was recently released. (They admit money changed hands but it was to cover costs and not for pure profit, but it was certainly gruesomely done for order and without the consent of the patient.)

The recent hole opened up by the latest reveal of Hollywood’s immoral hypocrisy and the crumbling empire left behind by Weinstein and others, has finally after decades of elitist liberal reign allowed for the rise of independent films to flourish that represent the values and ideals of conservative and middle America.

Of course, Facebook isn’t making that easy…..attempts to share and get the word out about the project have found admins and followers confronted with this message….

….which I’m sure has nothing to do with the $992.2 million dollars Zuckerberg donated to PP as reported on by Breitbart below…

Please check out and share this indiegogo link, we need to really rally behind this one! There are amazing perks for contributing as well so let’s get this fact based movie surrounding the lives of those that fought so hard to save others be heard….

Executive Producers: Dr. Albert King (the niece of MLK Jr.) and Nick Loeb

Producers: Cathy Beckerman, Ken Beckerman, Ken Kushner, Rob Simmons, Co-producer: Mindy Robinson

Cast attached: Oscar Award winner Jon Voight (Transformers, Midnight Cowboy)

Nick Loeb (Extraction, Den of Thieves)

Stephen Baldwin (The Usual Suspects, Bio-Dome)

Stacey Dash (Clueless, Mo Money)

Mindy Robinson (Range 15, Check Point)

Distribution has already been secured on over 1,000 screens nationwide via box office giant “God’s Not Dead.”

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