Mother of Criminal Shot Dead During Armed Robbery Upset Someone Defended Themselves

You might remember the story of a man that defended his family against an armed intruder that pointed a gun at his children while robbing a Popeye’s in Texas. Well, the dead criminal’s mother is “upset” that her son was shot dead and has a long list of bullshit reasons why….

Holding a picture of her piece of shit kid, she proclaims that she “doesn’t understand why he had to be shot more than one time.” She doesn’t seem to understand that unless the kid’s head exploded like a pumpkin on the first shot, no real blooded American was going to stop shooting until the threat was over and their kids were safe….

You have to also remember, if she was any kind of decent human being her progeny wouldn’t be robbing fast food joints and pointing guns at little kids….so the point of this article is not to really explain her asshole behavior away (like the bleeding heart story the local ABC channel KSAT tried to run for some reason) but to point out that the average American could give a shit if a criminal is shot dead while committing a crime.

In fact it saves the taxpayers a lot money from having to prosecute, house and feed the little shit till who knows when, and quite honestly is a practice in Darwinism for trying to hold anything up in civilian gun heavy Texas anyway.

But I digress, this genius of a woman also didn’t keep pressing how her son…who was unemployed… kept coming home with money. You see, he was also suspected of actually committing a whole string of armed robberies in the area….

Nothing weird there right? Why ask questions and lose the advantage of plausible deniability if he gets caught…

Also in defense of her son, she claims that he was crazy and off his meds…..

Which isn’t a real defense at all, because I know bipolar people who go their whole lives without robbing people by gun point…and if you’re schizo and don’t want to take your meds than what you end up doing is totally on you. I never understood the insanity plea other than it means you should be kept away from society in perpetuity….

So here’s to you, conceal carrier Carlos Molina….for protecting your family and everyone in that establishment and stepping up in a necessary time of need….

2 thoughts on “Mother of Criminal Shot Dead During Armed Robbery Upset Someone Defended Themselves”

  1. I only feel sad for the Mom losing a child,
    But for the way The kid died is deserving,
    You don’t point a gun at anyone and not to expect the Hostage/s to not retaliate,
    For their own defense.

  2. We’ve lost all sense of perspective. . .by the way this wouldn’t have been a story if this bozo had shot a kid, after all children seem to rank below the mentally ill,

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