Montreal Couple Charged with Terrorism Set Free Despite Major Evidence

You might remember the story awhile back of a Montreal couple that was arrested for planning a terrorist act….his own sister turned him in when she grew suspicious over some content on his social media.

When the authorities investigated it the couple was caught overseas with both the recipe and the ingredients to make a pressure cooker bomb (like the Boston Marathon terrorists used.)

It was believed they intended to join ISIS in Syria but were luckily thwarted by authorities after the tip off.

It went to trial, and the couple’s only defense was that they just liked reading jihadist propaganda and also just happened to have the ingredients for the bomb lying around. The defense also claimed that if they were “really serious” about blowing something up then they’d have never……..gotten caught?

I know what you’re thinking….so they’re going to be in jail forever, right? Thank God the carnage was prevented. We’ll never have to worry about them again, right?

No, they’re free.

Somehow, the only conviction that stuck was on the boyfriend for the explosives….and the judge still let him go for time served during the trial.

The only “punishment” they got was to stay off social media and check in with the mounted police once a week….


Oh shut up Trudeau….even Canadians have to be just as sick of all this terrorist sympathizing you started by now….

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