Man Who Murdered His Girlfriend’s Sexual Abuser Now Faces Life in Prison

In a justice system that often fails our victims, vigilante Jace Crehan murdered the man who pleaded “no contest” (and received the slap on the wrist of only 5 years probation) for molesting his girlfriend for years as a child.

Despite his defense of it being a crime of passion, Crehan was found guilty of 2nd degree murder and now faces life behind bars.

His 7 month pregnant girlfriend is also facing charges for her role for killing her abuser and faces 40 years in prison herself.

Jace isn’t sorry he did it, not many things in life will get a human more riled up than seeing the sexual predator of a loved one go unpunished. He also managed to impressively stuff the douche bag’s body into a 55 gallon drum. Here’s the Douch bag…

We all know “no contest” translates into “not even I’d believe me…”

But why are we as a society harder on crimes like this, which is clearly a crime of passion than we are more blatant and evil crimes? Kate Steinle’s killer walks free but this guy rots in jail forever?

We need a change.

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  1. You miss the point here Ms Mindy, the justice system has become a closed union shop (or maybe a mystery cult) where only the”professionals” are allowed to handle that thing called “justice” Violating the law is not as big a point as stepping outside the system. Used to be this kind of case would have never made it to court or if it did a jury might have thrown it out Not today, this poor boob had a house dropped on him for his blasphemy, not his crime. He went out to the system. A MAJOR no-no

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