Love Letters From the Left, a Look Inside the Inbox of a Conservative

Being a working actor in Hollywood and running a conservative blog leads to some interesting problems for me on Facebook. My newsfeed has long since become clogged with liberal peers posting about the “intolerance of Trump supporters” and blaming everything humanly possibly wrong in the world on Trump complete with bullshit Occupy Democrat memes (a site that actively blocks anyone that posts facts or proof of their lies.)

They’re not all bad, for the most part my liberal friends mean well and the media does go above and beyond to deceive the average person. But there’s one aspect that they always seemed shocked about…..the hate mail I receive.

Trying to explain why hippies with cat pictures and rainbows are calling me a whore or telling me to die, is apparently a hard sell. But look no further, as I give you my finest collection of the worst.

I defended the AR-15, not the shooter….but reading is hard apparently.

You will be surprised at what you find if you take a second to look at their profile….”Shout out to my boy Jesus for allowing me the time to slut shame females I disagree with online…

Snapshot filters are almost a given…

Oh yea, occasionally I red pen it and send it back just to be a dick….

Yes, they are dumb enough to attach their real jobs…

I “is?”

This one’s my favorite, he didn’t seem to realize that even though he blocked himself that his name still showed up.

So much love and tolerance….