Linda Sarsour Accused of Directly Enabling Sexual Assault Under Her Employment

Believing that a “good Muslim man” would never do such things…fake feminist, terrorist sympathizer, card carrying socialist, and anti-Semite Linda Sarsour is being accused of allowing the sexual assault of one of her female employees. Sarsour also did not believe the woman was “attractive” enough to be assaulted in the first place….

Allegations of groping and unwanted touching were allegedly brought to Sarsour during her time as executive director of the Arab American Association. In response, Sarsour, a self-proclaimed champion of women, attacked the woman bringing the allegations, often threatening and body-shaming her, these sources alleged. The most serious allegations were dismissed, Asmi Fathelbab, the alleged victim told The Daily Caller, because the accused was a “good Muslim” who was “always at the Mosque.”

The story is also corroborated by two other people that worked for the organization….

Now remember, this is the same woman that called a jihad against president Trump then claimed it was just semantics, publicly complained that it’s only the “Jewish media” makes her look bad, and also proclaimed the benefits of female and LGBT repressing Shariah Law…

The Muslim man that stalked and sexually assaulted the woman, wasn’t even an employee of the association, he just frequented the building….but Sarsour insisted that a good Muslim wouldn’t do such things, reiterating the belief that sexual assaults are the fault of the women in Shariah Law. The fact she was asked to speak at the Women’s March shows how little 3rd wave feminists know (or care) about her….

To make matters worse, Sarsour blacklisted the woman for complaining….

Why this woman is hailed as a feminist, we’ll never know….she’s as anti-american as they come….

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