Liberals are Now Claiming that Drug Free School Zones are “Racist”

I didn’t believe it until I saw it, liberals are now claiming that drug free school zones are now inherently racist. Other than racistly thinking that only black people sell drugs….I really can’t think of how they rationalized this. But it wouldn’t be the first time the left’s been accused of condescending racism.

So how might you might ask, is getting caught selling drugs inside a school zone “racist?” Oh…they made a video, and it’s as fucking stupid as you think….

Their first mistake, is that they think anyone gives a shit about someone getting caught selling drugs….

This kid sold ecstasy to an undercover cop…that’s the risk you take when you sell drugs to people you don’t know. You got caught…let me file that under things I don’t give a shit about.

Hey, if you don’t want to get busted for more time than you have to, you better get on the computer and figure out if you’re inside a school zone. Be a smarter criminal, or at least shut the fuck up when you get busted.

But still….how is this “racist?” Well, it turns out that 96% of drug dealers arrested on school grounds in a single state (New Jersey, because who gives a shit about well rounded statistics as long as it serves as propaganda for your bull shit point) were black or Hispanic.

So naturally, any arrest in a school zone, anywhere now, is actually a conspiracy dreamed up by Nixon (I’m not kidding, the video alludes to that) to punish minorities for….selling drugs.

Look, I get that the Left has to come up with imaginary ways in which they can blame racism instead of taking personal accountability for their failures…..but c’mon.


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  1. Yes lets just end this school zone problem, so you can petal your way with drugs on to actual schools grounds like the good old days. And boost sales to future buyer or dealers to inprove your business. Really Dude howabout you stop dealing drugs and get a Job that would be a nice start. Asshole

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