Leftist Propaganda is Trending on Google Right Now, and It’s Everything Wrong With Mainstream Media

It’s 9:30 AM February 18, 2018 in sunny California time right now, and what’s the number one thing trending on Google right now? This bullshit by “The Atlantic…”

My first thought was, huh? “Trump doesn’t care” about protecting the United Stated from “foreign attack?” This is the same president that the left’s been fighting hand and tooth to NOT strengthen our immigration laws, vet foreigners harder, build a border wall, and deport criminal foreigners…..right?

The hell are they talking about? So I had to click on it…

“This is not the whole story by any means” is the biggest literary cop out I’ve ever seen. Yes, it’s been revealed that maybe a dozen Russians trolled Facebook (like we needed any help to make our nation even more divisive) but they were instituted BEFORE Trump was even a candidate. Russia’s only end game was that they wanted anyone but Hillary to win…..and for that I can’t blame them, we dodged a bullet worse than we’ll ever know.

Never mind the Dems were already busy rigging their own primaries for her to win…but I digress.

Wait a minute, didn’t Trump suspect something was up with the election all along even though he won the electoral, and tried to look into voter fraud? As you remember several state entities refused to cooperate….which if they had nothing to hide, wouldn’t they have been “transparent” (they love that buzz word) in the first place?

So the left isn’t mad at the lack of voter ID, or claims that several different counties had more people vote than were possibly eligible http://www.wnd.com/2017/09/fraud-248-counties-have-more-voters-than-eligible-citizens/amp/

No, they’re mad that some clever trolls stirred the social media pot. These are the same people mind you, that had almost the entire mainstream media in their pocket the entire election….

The Left also seems upset that Wikileaks revealed Clinton to be the evil douche that she really is. That’s like being mad you got caught robbing a store because you didn’t know that there would be cameras. Russia might have hacked the emails, but they didn’t write them…

Oh what the shit is this? If Trump was a “patriotic president?” Are you kidding? He has many flaws, being patriotic isn’t one of them….

And they’re upset that he’s not “leading the investigation himself?” Why would he? The president’s got a lot more on his plate than personally looking into internet trolls, and even if he did put himself in charge you know they’d just accuse him of collusion anyway.

Personally I just wish they’d stop accusing me of being a Russian bot every time they’re losing an argument, it’s an old hat….

They also want Facebook to be reprimanded (yes, the site that shamelessly swings Left unless you pay them) and changes to our election laws. Ok, how about we start by making voter ID mandatory then? Oh that’s right, the left thinks minorities are too stupid to own ID’s, nothing condescendingly racist there…

…………..oh? He’s the one that can’t endure the thought that the election is over and he won?

I understand that it’s my duty as an informed citizen to discern facts for myself before getting worked up over some inflammatory article. But unfortunately most people don’t. They get most of their news from propaganda sites on Facebook and never do the legwork to see how factual it is. Because sadly, many believe that though the news maybe be biased, and journalism has gone down the shitter, that still…no one would go as far as to lie, mislead, and manufacture evidence to push an agenda.

If you can bare to read the whole thing it’s here……


Welcome to the Age of Misinformation…..and shame on you Google and Facebook for contributing to it.

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  1. Great article! This is an informative, well-written piece, Miss Mindy. Making people aware of the media bias and hypocrisy and encouraging people to do their own research is a worthwhile theme. We are winning.

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