Irish Police Force Declare Kissing Under Mistletoe Constitutes Rape

The official Twitter account of the Police Service of Northern Ireland sent out a festive tweet to…remind the public that bumping into someone under the mistletoe without consent is rape….

Gotta love the #SeasonsGreetings at the end of a rape comment…

They quickly redacted that tweet and sent out what is probably an even worse one…

I don’t know what kind of socializing goes on in Ireland, but I’m pretty sure not having consent to talk to someone isn’t tantamount to rape, ever.

Maybe they’re just shitty at wording stuff, I don’t know. Although I feel like they just gave some SJW the idea to stand under the mistletoe until someone tried to kiss them just so they can scream “rape” while complaining about the misogynistic patriarchy of Santa Clause and the fact she couldn’t she find a Christmas sweater in a XXXL…..but I digress.

Luckily, most SJW third wave feminists aren’t attractive enough to want to kiss anyway…..

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