How Many Police Shootings are Actually Justified?

All too often on my newsfeed I see anti-cop posts and comments, people keeping tally on how many people were fatally shot by police this year, etc….but it’s always missing one important factor….

How many of those that were fatally shot were actually justifiable?

The answer is most of them…

So basically around 90% are easily justified by brandishing weapons or imminent danger, which leaves about 10% in that murky area of sudden movements, bad circumstances, or not enough information.

The best part of the statistics I pulled, are that they’re compiled from real 2015 stats and put together by one of the most liberal rags out there….The Washington Post. Lefties can’t complain about the “source” when it’s one of their own.

It also boils down to about roughly 3 fatal police shootings a day….in a country of over 323.1 million people.

Does that mean that there aren’t bad police shootings? No, it does unfortunately happen like this….

What it doesn’t mean however, is that it’s ok for people to shit all over our law enforcement, post anti-cop memes of them getting murdered, and praise stories of them dying in the line of duty. That makes you an asshole.

I already know Facebook doesn’t support Blue Lives Matter, I wrote a whole article about how they refuse to consider violence on police officers “hate speech” it’s not even an option, read here…

If you hate cops because you’re always “having problems with them” you might need to check into the life decisions that get you to that point.

It’s not the cops fault your ass is getting arrested, it’s yours. It’s not the cops fault your neighborhood is a shithole either, it’s yours and getting mad when they do try to clean up makes you a hypocrite.

We’ve got a lot of problems to fix in our country, and your dumb ass cousin that got shot trying to stab someone is low on the totem pole….

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