Have Sexual Harassment Allegations Gotten Out of Hand?

The floodgates opened up after it was revealed that the Oscar producing powerhouse that is The Weinstein Company’s mogul was basically using his position in the company to molest and perv out on young actresses…some willingly, some much less willingly…..and it was his well known motive in the industry too. No one needed “proof” because they all heard/saw everything first hand….which honestly makes them just as much shitbags. They weren’t extras or newbies either, these were A-list celebrities who didn’t give a shit what Weinstein did as long as he produced their next movie or they had a chance to win an Oscar.

Then the #metoo movement began which revealed the dark side of the industry. I’ve been openly bitching about Gary Busey being a scumbag for years, and no one gave a shit (and no one was surprised.) #Metoo became a trend but at least something good came out of it. For the first time, people weren’t afraid to speak up and people were actually listening.

Kevin Spacey was the first actor to fall, as his discrepancies also seem to be a badly kept Hollywood secret. But soon others fell, and the list of lives ruined by accusations continues to grow every day…some with merit, some seemingly without. It didn’t even matter that Piven passes a lie detector test, the witch hunt was on.


At this point I’m honestly starting to wonder if I’ve ever sexually harassed an intern, and I’ve never even had one….

Then it got political, and spiraled down from there….

Look, I don’t even like Al Franken, he’s a total douche. But I don’t think he needed to resign over anything he did. It was years ago, no one cared till now, and I’m pretty sure I did worse shit this weekend…

This is where we become torn. You want to believe the victim….but sometimes the story’s kinda weird, doesn’t seem right, or is very suspiciously and conveniently timed. You’d like to think no one would ever lie about something so awful, but you also know that people can be bought off or just plain vindictive.

For instance this….

It’s huge news if it’s true…but is it “surprising” news?

Take Roy Moore for example. There were HUGE issues with his accuser’s story. No one recalls her even working there and she admitted to forging at least part of her yearbook “evidence.” He should sue the hell out of her and Gloria Allred (I was actually a hired actor on her fake court show once, small world) for lying about the yearbook.

Her timing was impeccable. She managed to tank the election and a heavily red state went blue. The people behind it got what they wanted, and I guarantee you this “victim” slips magically back into the unknown abyss.

So is it wrong to question these accusations if they seem weak, old, or fishy? I think not. I think it’s our duty as a cerebral mammal to use common sense when judging things in the public eye.

For instance, Massage Envy recently had a claim of over 180 counts of sexual misconduct. It’s a massage, it’s personal…so chances are some of them are just people overreacting. Then there are the clear instances of egregious conduct….the “accidental” digit penetration, etc. Then as I’m reading I see this…..

I’m sorry, he got his whole fist inside of you? How many fingers does it take before you feel like you should get up and leave? And then you waited for him to jack off onto your face? Were you just sitting there the whole time waiting for him to finish while you pen the “worst yelp review ever” in your head? C’mon….

And then there are the “so what?” accusations.

Oh, Trump asked for your number? Who gives a shit. Then this crazy looking broad…

A pageant contestant complained he went backstage and saw her “naked under a robe” which promoted some of the most hilarious Twitter trolling ever….just check out #NakedUnderARobe for yourself. You got “ogled like a piece of meat?” Was that before or after the bikini competition?

And then this…

Even 93 year old, wheelchair ridden Bush senior didn’t escape this wrath. Accusations where his hand skimmed women’s asses during photo ops started surfacing…

I mean, the guy’s ass level to everyone in that wheel chair, and he had a stroke…if he can even feel his hands anymore I’d be amazed.

It’s ridiculous and no one cares. No sensible person anyway.

And it’s really gotten out of hand, which is sad because it takes away from real and probable instances of abuse that have come out during all this.

It’s the media’s fault for running with any and every story they get, especially if it’s on Trump….You know, when they’re not talking about how many scoops of ice he gets…


You can call me cold all you want, but the truth is every guy in America is thinking he never wants to be in a position where he’s alone with a female again….

Feminists made fun of Pence for refusing to dine or meet with other women alone….

…went as far to say it was “sexist” but it turns out…he might have had it right all along.

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  1. It’s out of control when I go in the gym I won’t talk or even look more then a second at a women it’s so crazy everything can be classified sexual harassment,even if a an said wow you are looking great. That it you can be in trouble , I’m hell man how do you even meet a women today ? You going to do and say something wrong I just shut up and walk away

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