Gun Owner Who Saved Officer’s Life Being Sued By Family of the Criminal She Shot

Although cleared of any criminal charges, Kystie Jaehnem who heroically came to the defense of an officer in need as he struggled against a violent drug addict is now being sued civilly by his family.

Why? Because people are garbage.

Keep in mind this guy was high on meth, weed, benzos, methodone…..and whatever dextromethorphan is, all at the same time…

He’s also been arrested a slew of times before….including battery.

But yea, I’m sure he dindu nuffin and went to church every Sunday like a good boy. That’s why I can only find 1 picture of him and it’s a mug shot…

Which you know means the whole fam got in on the payday and are now suing for unspecified damages, legal fees, and “relief” from what they’ve imagined in their heads as a “wrongful death” suit.

Huh? Wrongful death? How does a guy who assaults a police officer high as fuck, try to undo his gun, gets shot (in the shoulder which honestly…..I’m surprised he felt considering he was on all those drugs) and to which they even applied CPR to him after (which is more than I would have done for personal safety reasons, honestly.)

In what universe is this shooting not justified? Well, for starters they believe that Justin Holland didn’t realize he was being stopped by a cop…..even though the officer pulled up in a marked patrol car…

Really? It gets dumber…here are some of their other publicly posted on Facebook excuses….

Yea…no. Immediate danger requires immediate action. Try again.

Yea….no. The cops struggling to not get his gun pulled on him and you think he had the time and ability to call and wait for back up? Idiot.

Yea…no. He was under arrest actually…and violently resisting, that’s why this whole thing happened, try to keep up. Also, it doesn’t matter whether it was on the gun owner’s immediate property or not, the cop was in danger. Idiot.

Yea….no. You don’t need to be specially trained to shoot an assailant in an emergency. They seem madder about having to pay for the pine box, don’t they? And who put it in their head you can only shoot people in self defense on your own property? Crops….

Of course they don’t seem to understand why no one’s on their side about it either….

Yea….no. It’s not “one sided” broad, he just fucked up. If you actually cared about Justin you’d have intervened and done something, or finally chalked him up to a lost cause. You do not get to victimize heroes for money because some ambulance chasing scumbag lawyer….

….says you can. Grow up. Do the right thing. Drop it and move on. Volunteer, set up a charity, do something positive! At the least you could not bitch that this women had to make a GoFund Me to help pay for the legal fees YOU ARE COSTING HER!

Yea she is….and anything leftover that’s not used for legal defense fees will go to charity….and here it is. Help a hero out…