Facebook is Actively Purging Pages Before the Election to Control Political Opinions

One by one, popular political pages started disappearing all over Facebook yesterday, over 800 pages and accounts were completely unpublished and now show up as “no data.”

Pages included both left and right accounts….the only common denominator being that they were supposedly pushing political stories for profit (I’ll debunk that in a minute) and that they were apparently posting political ideals that FB didn’t like (that I believe.) They weren’t small fish either, some of them had millions of followers.

Pages that were dismantled include….

The Right Wing News

The Anti-Media

Reverb Press

Reasonable People Unite

Nation In Distress

The Free Though Project

Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children

I, Hypocrite

NowThis is Cancer

Cop Block


Pushing “political messages for profit….” now think about that for a second. Aside from the fact that many of these pages did nothing more than post opinions and memes….isn’t “posting political messages for profit” exactly how CNN, MSNBC, ABC, FOX….literally any news source out there makes money? When you click on a CNN article, you’re telling me you don’t see ads all over the place because they’ve monetized their site….no, of course you do. This is just an excuse to silence the independent media sites that call bullshit out on the fake mainstream news outlets on the daily.

One also has to mention the hypocrisy of it all when you see how Facebook itself bombards users with nonstop targeted ads. Nice to know a sponsored ad for something clearly to hide drugs in isn’t a problem though…

Or you know, a good old fashion cock sock….

At least it’s only a dollar, amirite? Most of them like those wig ads or clothes from China that plaster Facebook are rip off scams anyway. Every time I see an ad on FB for something that sounds too good to be true…I google reviews to discover that they’re product scams, and usually from outside of the country so there’s no recourse. Think about that…FB cares more about manipulating what you see during an election, than they do about people that are literally using their platform to rob people’s money.

But I digress, Facebook has been testing the waters for awhile on who they can and cannot get away with banning. They tried and failed after a public uproar with Diamond and Silk, but then succeeded in purging InfoWars and anything attached to it. I had to have Breitbart step in myself when FB suspended me for 30 days for posting an unsolicited threat a “tolerant and loving” liberal messaged me on their platform….messages he was able to send through despite the fact I blocked him.

No one cared at the time, because the bias was always toward conservatives…..but now it’s not. One can only hope that this is the final straw needed to correct this selective brainwashing going on with Facebook.

As much as I disagree with sites like The Resistance and Cop Block….it’s within their right to have and state an opinion in an open forum….just as much as there is for me to have mine. Honestly, some of those left leaning sites do more to expose the hypocrisy of the Democrats and help push people to the right which is good for me anyway. Which is exactly why I believe Facebook selectively did that as well in the first place….to make it not look so one sided this time, and to stop the hemorrhaging of the #WalkAway movement itself  (which Facebook also tried banning the founder of, until they were called out and forced to re-instate.)


The Zuck wants you to see only the political content that he wants you to….and right before an election no less. This is not an accident….this is public opinion manipulation at its worst. Now that it’s affecting both sides can we please do something to unite and end it? #EndFBCensorship

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