Facebook Doesn’t Think that Blue Lives Matter….

I’ve written previous articles about FB banning me over such dumb shit as saying we need better immigration to screen terrorists or calling Antifa thugs, and how FB intends to expand its censorship of this kind of “hate speech.” But as many of you have noticed, it’s been a very one way street….

And by one way, I mean that they disproportionately censor conservatives and patriots while apparently deeply care about the feelings of murderous terrorists and fascist anti-fascists assholes.

See previous article here…

WARNING: Facebook and Twitter are Actively Censoring Conservative Accounts

Now a lot of that has to do with key words, like you’re not allowed to say anything negative about Islam…even if you’re talking about a specific terrorist incident. Also, let’s keep it real….it’s heavily disproportionate because one side is perpetually butt hurt and just loves flagging shit.

Believe it or not, even my redneck ass gets offended once in awhile…not like “OMG how do I go on” offended but like “What the fuck is that!?” offended. Human decapitation videos, that picture of an elephant hit by a train, you know, wonderful gems like that, and even then I’m only flagging it so kids on FB don’t see it. For what it’s worth FB leaves it up more than it takes it down….

Yesterday however, I came across this cop hating site which was a little more blatant than its asshole cousin Cop Block….

Oh yea, disband the police….and do what? Live like it’s The Purge everyday?

Everything was “fuck the police” and “blue lives don’t matter” and other garbage typical of people that can’t stop breaking the fucking law…

It’s just endless videos glorifying violence on cops…..

The comments are all cancer by the way and then shit like this….

That’s not what happened, the kid was waving around a realistic gun and refused to drop it when the cops got there. Blame shitty parenting, not the cops trying to mitigate damages on a playground.

If you know me and know my page, it’s all about America, guns, our flag, supporting our military, and most definitely supporting our law enforcement…

BLM trolls my page every time I do a pro-cop post because “tolerance.” So I reported this shitty page….I’m all about freedom of speech but if I can’t say mean things about terrorists cause it’s “Facebook” then I’m pretty sure you can’t wish harm and death to police officers and glorify violence on them….especially after so many were targeted and cowardly executed by piece of shit BLM thugs the last few years…..but it’s not considered hate speech to FB….

It’s not even an option. Ain’t that super suspect…

Oh, and don’t even try reporting under another category, because even something like this….

Isn’t going to be considered “hate speech” by FB standards anyway…

Dear FB, either don’t censor us at all at least censor us equally. Not just mean (truthful) things said by conservatives but the actual vile hatred, threats of violence, and blatant racism coming from the left, Antifa, BLM, and especially on these criminal loving anti-cop POS pages.

2 thoughts on “Facebook Doesn’t Think that Blue Lives Matter….”

  1. I would choose #4. Police officers seem to display an impaired sense of self-preservation, since they put their lives on the line to make their cities safe for a bunch of f****** ingrates.

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