Facebook’s Censorship of Conservatives Continues: “The Conservative Latina” Unfairly Banned Over Hashtag

You might remember the previous article I did on the Conservative Latina about the harassing threats she constantly gets from “tolerant and loving” liberals that troll her page…


Well, in true fascist Facebook form, the Conservative Latina was recently banned for this….

That’s right, a “Build The Wall” hashtag.

Keep in mind, even when she reported all the disgusting, racist comments liberals left all over her page…..Facebook NEVER removed them and said that they “don’t go against Facebook community standards.”

So this is OK on Facebook…..

….but a comment about building the wall made by a LEGAL Hispanic immigrant is not.

It’s almost as if there’s some strange correlation……oh yea, that’s right…she’s conservative.

Occupy Democrats, VICE, the Other 98%, and NOW THIS can post leftists propaganda, divisive hate and misleading memes all day everyday….but having views right of center? Ban hammer time. Because what’s more fun than spending years building up a page just to have vague warnings and threats that it’ll be dismantled….

Nothing to see here folks….just more unfair censorship practices from leftist loving Facebook.

1 thought on “Facebook’s Censorship of Conservatives Continues: “The Conservative Latina” Unfairly Banned Over Hashtag”

  1. Well, in a country where all our desires our found by asking, it seems unavoidable that company’s like FB would find it important to clarify we have no say in what advertisements, or political agendas we are exposed to while denying us our free speech in their digital money farm. Keep up the good fight!

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