WARNING: Facebook and Twitter are Actively Censoring Conservative Accounts

Facebook is ultra liberal, let’s face it. It was once was a wonderful place to keep in touch with anyone you’ve ever met, promote your business, kill time on the toilet, etc….but it has become a frustrating shit show as of recent. Unfortunately, it’s a shit show that I’ve become dependent on as an independent actress to promote myself and my projects…

And I’m proud of my page. Despite being an outnumbered conservative in a heavily left leaning Hollywood, my numbers grow daily with the support of others who are fed up with the hypocrisy of the left.

Fed up with being told our flag is offensive, fed up with getting called a racist every time we’re winning an argument with a leftist, tired of cop hating BLM, tired of fascist anti-facist Antifa, tired of millionaire NFL players acting like their life fucking sucks for some reason, tired of hypocritical Hollywood liberals calling our president “sexist” over a 16 year old locker room comment when they’ve clearly been covering up and enabling the rape of eachother for decades….you get the point. But we are at war with the media. A media that has been bought off to push a leftist, anti-American globalist agenda…and we’re getting censored.

The liberal Fake News has wizened up to the freedom and truth we were spreading via social media and is actively attempting to censore all things conservative and right leaning. I am currently on my 3rd recent FB ban. The first time it was because I criticized Antifa and then FB concurrently pulled a viral video of a woman berating a veteran about his service dog. My followers and friends banded together to find out this awful woman’s identify and it got pulled. Granted it was all over the news the next day, but it’s somehow not socially kosher to identify someone acting like a fucking idiot in a public place, on video she knew was being taken the whole time….unless you’re the news, apparently.

But I digress, the second time I was banned a liberal troll baited me by saying disgustingly lewd things to me, and then going back and deleting his comments after he reported me for telling him to get the fuck off my page.

This last time (and current as of this posting) was over this tweet….

You see, you’re not allowed to say anything negative about Islam…even if you specify that you are talking about terrorists. Because, that’s “islamophobic” and it hurts terrorist’s feelings when you point out that radical Islam is a huge problem and our political correctness about it is getting people killed across the globe because you know, “muh feelings.”

Twitter went as far as to censore my tweet about FB censoring me!

And it wasn’t a fluke, they even censored my post, about them censoring my post…

There is nothing wrong with those posts. I’ve got “tolerant” lefties calling me a whore and telling me to get raped but I’m “evil” for criticizing radical Islam? What happened to “Never Forget?” Why does the left insist on babying these intolerant motherfuckers?

So whatever you do, unless you feel like losing your Facebook or Twitter…don’t say anything mean at all about terrorists or Antifa. God forbid you hurt the feelings of piece of shit that wants to kill you.

But what you know what you can do my fellow patriots? You can share the shit out of all the pro-American patriotic bacon ridden second amendment loving Trump supporting Make America Great Again Fuck ISIS posts that are about to safely fly off this off shore domain website I created…and remember not to write anything that could get flagged when you write the post either….just think of something heavily sarcastic that they can’t do shit about…

Don’t forget to add a pithy hashtag to denote sarcasm #SeeWhatiDidThere? for the more dense readers on FB and Twitter lest you start an argument about nothing with a fucking moron who’s mom should have swallowed him…

I feel freer already just from writing this. Spread the word patriots! #MAGA!

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15 thoughts on “WARNING: Facebook and Twitter are Actively Censoring Conservative Accounts”

  1. Good job Mindy. Thanks for standing up for many of the things those of us with lesser a voice cannot broadcast. You ROCK!

  2. It is terrible—they even caused a furor over Crochetgate which I thought was hilarious. I am setting up a new computer for the sole purpose of going over to the “dark side”. I have had enough Liberal spoon feeding!!!!!

  3. I fully support you all the way, this is prejudice censorship from social media that should not be tolerated, its censorship of free speech in a country thats foundation is built on free speech. I will follow and support Mindy in this war against liberal activists and a one sided social media trying to shut us up for what we believe in. Follow Mindy, join the movement!

  4. Finally, your own website that I can have the freedom to defend conservatives and constructive criticism of conservatives if necessary without getting angry because the third wave feminist of the Hillary resist movement hates our freedoms. I like the Motley Deep cut from Theatre of Pain called Fight for Your Rights. That is what we need to do against trickle down tyranny. Thank you.

  5. These words will keep you safe from censorship.
    hagfish = muslim/terrorist
    corn = koran
    amoeba = allah
    glad bag = muslim glad bag
    outhouse = mosque
    ssdd(same sh!t diff. day) = act of terrorism

  6. Outstanding! I had to close my Facebook page last week- had it for one week- bcuz I am a Trump supporter! They called me everything in the insult book-I was scared of myself assaulting them, that is the only way the lefties understand-and sadly for them It’s not over, been dealing with these pussy’s since Trump announced he is running. I have had several encounters-real deal-Twitter alway’s cuts me off!….so this is where I am-in middle of all this shit hole and I am sick and tired of all of them! I am sure they can see that! they hacked my email–

  7. How can you be surprised that Twitter took down your horrible comments? You conflated Muslim immigrants with terrorists. It is sad that you are so buzzed about spreading hate

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